You are welcome to submit your news and music for consideration to the website.

How much info you submit will go a long way to determining what goes on site. It is impossible to get to everything. Remember, your submission is just one of many that come in on an average day. The site is not a full time job with a team of staff. There’s one person, and I’m not sitting around the screen all day. Some days I might get 3 hours free, some only 30 minutes, so the more detail and advance notice you give, the more chance of making the site. It’d be great to cover everything, but it simply is not possible.

If you are just going to submit “Hey, we have a new album, here’s a link, we play xx venue on xx day, can you put up a post“, then save your time and don’t bother. Look at how the news is covered, and submit something in a similar fashion. Give us something to write about at least.

Please include as much information as you can (Read below the submission form for more detailed info), and definitely include a link to a current press photo in your submission. No photo link, No article. Notice how there is one at the top of each news piece? That’s why one is necessary, and I’m not wasting ten minutes browsing through happy snaps in your facebook albums just to find a current promo photo. It also ensures I am posting current relevant images of your band.

Before you start firing along follow ups asking why your stuff hasn’t been posted (first wait at least a few days – things build up, sometimes things are scheduled in advance, it may still be on the way), do a search on the site to see if I have posted something. Type your band name into the search box and it will find anything your band / company is tagged in.

If you have a preference on having something posted on a certain day, throw it at me at least 48 hours prior and your chances of it happening will be a lot higher. Just make it very clear with an embargo message and “do not post before XX:XX on xxday”

Whilst Bombshell is online, and unlike print media, it is much easier to get things posted quickly, the lack of a team of people to keep the inbox in check means not every (actually very few) e-mail / submissions will get a reply, not being rude, just impossible.

In short, help me to help you!

Please take the time to browse the site before filling out below and ensure what you are submitting is related to what the site covers first and foremost. eg. You won’t find a reviews or interviews section, yep we used to, but not anymore so please don’t ask for these.
Check out the format I generally post in so that when you submit, you include all the bits I need to piece together an article. Are you submitting a tour announcement? Then search recent tour announcements and see how they are structured, and include all those bits! Not just a couple of lines of text and a link… give me something to talk about here! Include any future gigs, links to flyers, any recent video clips / live video / purchase links etc..
Those few minutes browsing the site should help you to submit properly.

Submit Your News



Like most sites, we offer banner advertising across the site for extra visibility of your tour, release, product. Please consider disabling your Ad Blocker for the site if you use one. You may not be aware but by simply allowing banners to display, you are helping contribute to the running costs of the website. This of course allows us to continue bringing you the website and daily updates for free. I aim to keep all advertising relevant to the audience and as non intrusive as possible.

I offer a variety of packages and single position options to suit everyone’s needs from large bands, to bands just starting out playing your first shows. Rates start from just $5 per week. Use the Contact Us page, or make mention in your news submission you’d like advertising information and I’ll get back to you. It’s a good way to jump the queue so to speak and get your news up if you are helping me keep the bills covered.

Another way to support what we do, if you are a musician, (pro or hack) is next time you need some new gear, be it a guitar, tuner, cables, strings, cases, amps, drums, mics… the list goes on.. consider using the link below and shopping with our friends at Artist Guitars. They offer fast, free shipping Australia wide, great warranty terms, free returns for 100 days and have a massive range to cater to all your musical needs (not just guitars). Go take a look. Their bargain bin often has some killer deals. We get a small cut of the purchase price which goes towards the site costs. You get good gear, we’re still around to post your news. Everyone wins.

In years gone by we did offer a few of these types of things, but in the current climate and with time so limited, a few previously regular sections are now gone. You can still however submit your gig dates and details to be listed in the Gig Guide, get your tour dates in the Tour Calendar, and get your release listed in the Release Calendar with pre-order links. All of this costs you nothing but your time.

I do not conduct phone, or face to face interviews due to time constraints. Used to have e-mail Q&A’s, but since the questions were pretty generic, the answers were pretty boring, and that shit took up a fair amount of time editing and whatnot, so for now, there are no interviews.

If you have problems with the form, or are going to regularly submit news, you can submit via e-mail (see above for the address) if that is more convenient. If you plan on adding the e-mail address to a mailing list, please at least introduce yourself first and ask if its okay, or you will find it quickly unsubscribed from your list and I’ll happily be a prick and hit that ‘this is spam and should be reported’ link on mailchimp lists if I can tell you’ve just added the email without understanding the site. Don’t buy cheap promo lists and blindly fling your shit at them without researching, best way to be forever in the junk folder.

– Plenty of information, I’ll pick out what I need, always better to have too much, than too little. Make sure you include all your upcoming gig dates, links to videos, audio streams around your releases and whatnot.
– Any related links. Your website, Facebook page, Bandcamp page / anywhere your music may be able to purchase or stream.
– A link to a recent promo photo or two, of a reasonable size / quality. *IMPORTANT* – No promo photo = No article on site
– Any related tour poster artwork / gig flyers, and upcoming gig information.

– MP3’s, gigantic images etc. Use Dropbox / Google Drive etc. for that stuff and send me the link to download it.

When submitting music there are a couple of options. While Bombshell DOES NOT have a ‘reviews’ section, I do listen to as much as I can of what comes in and helps me keep on top of things and offer you feature options if I dig it / think it’ll work with the audience.

You can send your stuff digitally:
A few things to keep in mind with this if it is pre-release.
– Don’t send MP3s or WAV files. Upload these to to a file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Send Anywhere etc. and send me the link via the form below, or e-mail.
– Make sure all the files are tagged correctly (song titles, track numbers etc.), and preferably high quality (ripped at 320kbps is ideal).
– Make sure you include a pdf or images of the cover artwork, booklet, liner notes, your bio etc.. where possible (I’m the type of person who still enjoys reading the insides of a release and seeing the effort you’ve made to make a complete package! So don’t just send me half your product.)

You can also send Bandcamp download codes, or if the release is already out, and on Spotify, the link to it there.

If you want to send something physically, that’s great, send an e-mail and I’ll reply with the address. The PO Box you may have once sent stuff to is now in someone else’s hands. I will not get whatever you send.