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Burning Heart Records NO APRIL FOOLS
Posted by Bomber on Sunday, February 19 @ 18:00:00 CST (114 reads)

The long (x50) awaited DVD from Refused has been slotted in for release April 1st. We're assured this is no April fools joke. get ready!

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Burning Heart Records MARCH IS FUCKIN' DEAD
Posted by Bomber on Saturday, December 03 @ 14:53:35 CST (102 reads)

The 'Chinese Democracy' of hardcore, Refused's on again, off again DVD looks to be completed finally, with the aim of a March '06 release. Pretty sure it will still be released under the title of 'Refused Are Fuckin Dead'. Stay tuned for more info as it comes to hand.

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Burning Heart Records BURNING HEART NEWS
Posted by Bomber on Saturday, November 12 @ 00:55:47 CST (102 reads)

~ It's clobbering time, the mighty Raised Fist (oh how i wish this post was a tour announcement) is entering studio "Dugout" together with producer Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah etc) in November. The new awaited album will be out early 2006 on Burning Heart. For upcoming info visit www.myspace.com/raisedfist

~ Norwegian deathpunks Turbonegro are back with their second video from the album Party Animals. The amazing The fall of the roman-empire inspired video is directed by Chris Hopewell, known for his work with Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand and Scissor Sisters. It's for the track 'City Of Satan' check it out [here]

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Burning Heart Records MILLENCOLIN GO SIN CITY!
Posted by Bomber on Saturday, September 24 @ 00:44:21 CDT (190 reads)

You can now see the awesome new Sin City inspired Millencolin film clip for the track 'Shut You Out' on the Rage website. As per usual the band has put together a ripper clip, well worth checking out. While you are there you can also watch The Transplants newy for 'What I Can't Describe'. Head [Here] and click on Rage.

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Posted by Bomber on Saturday, August 27 @ 19:49:33 CDT (101 reads)

Soon to be visitors, Millencolin have announced plans to re-master, re-mix and re-release their first three albums. 'Life On A Plate', 'Same Old Tunes' & 'For Monkeys' will be re-worked by producer Dan Swan÷ who also produced the original editions. "No additional music will be recorded, but there are so much more that can be done to the sound these days then when we recorded them. We have heard the new mix of "Olympic" which is the first song he tried working on and it really sounds great!" The band hits Australia in September for Scorpion Entertainment for five shows [details]

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Posted by Bomber on Saturday, March 19 @ 13:21:41 CST (115 reads)

As the day draws closer to the release of the much anticipated new album from Millencolin, the Swedes have given a bit more of a preview by launching a micro-site to promote the release of 'Kingwood'. It includes the two tracks you should've already heard by now 'Ray' and 'Biftek Supernova' as well as the animated video for 'Ray'. [View Here] The album is in-stores March 28th, mark the date down as you'll receive a cool bonus for a very, very limited initial run of the album as well, stay tuned for more info on that...

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Posted by Bomber on Tuesday, March 08 @ 22:04:13 CST (101 reads)

Here it is folks, the brand new, awesome video for 'Ray' the current Millencolin single. [Click] The very limited edition single release is now instores in Australia, don't expect it to last long, so snap it up quickly.

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Burning Heart Records TURBO PARTY ANIMALS
Posted by Bomber on Monday, March 07 @ 12:04:16 CST (101 reads)

Turbonegro will release their new album 'Party Animals' on Burning Heart Records through Shock in Australia on May 9, consolidating their position as the biggest underground rock'n'roll band (or, as they themselves call it: "the smallest mainstream band") in the world. Party Animals is the follow-up to 2003's 'Scandinavian Leather', and is produced by Steve McDonald, known for his work with The White Stripes, Beck and Redd Kross. "We've got 11 hits, all of them beautifully negative switchblade serenades," says guitarist Euroboy. Bassist Happy Tom says "It's like the best bits of The Rolling Stones mixed with the best bits of Black Flag, but composed by Shostakovich, Stalin's in-house composer". Songs to appear on the album include 'City Of Satan', 'Wasted Again' and 'Blow Me (Like The Wind)'.

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Burning Heart Records NEW MILLENCOLIN MP3
Posted by Bomber on Wednesday, March 02 @ 08:51:47 CST (170 reads)

Download a new Millencolin track from the album 'Kingwood', the track is "Biftek Supernova" Read More for the download link.

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Burning Heart Records TRAGEDY FOR NASUM
Posted by Bomber on Saturday, February 19 @ 11:27:21 CST (99 reads)

Nasum singer and guitarist, Mieszko Talarczyk, who has been missing since the Tsunami Disaster, has now been identified and confirmed dead. "we recieved a confirmation that Mieszko Talarczyk died in the Tsunami Disaster December 26, 2004. His body has been identified and will be transfered to Sweden shortly. His closest family and friends are in our thoughts right now. Mieszko will be missed by many. nasum.com will be closed for at least a month. You know why. There will be a slight update in a couple of days with some information about the future of Nasum along with some personal words about Mieszko. Thanks a lot for your support and your thoughts. Now a new time begins, a time we must spend alone. Please respect this wish. Sincerely, Anders and Nasum."

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Burning Heart Records RAY & KINGWOOD ON THE WAY
Posted by Bomber on Tuesday, February 15 @ 12:38:25 CST (78 reads)

The first Millencolin single from the new album 'Kingwood' is called 'Ray' and will be in Aussie stores from Sunday March 6, but it's a very, very limited pressing and will not be available in every store. We'll let you know closer to the date which stores have it, but this is definitely a very limited single (with an unreleased track 'Phony Tony' from the album sessions) and a live version of old fave 'Bullion'. Some cool stuff just came through from the band - you can check out two new QuickTime movies at the links below. Click here for a small video of the band's European promo/DJ trip! ...and click here to check out when they just went to Gothenburg to shoot the video for 'Ray'. The band tells us "The Ray video will be animated and you will probably don't understand anything what we are up to in this movie, but we can assure you that this video will be awesome!" 'Kingwood' the album will be released Sunday March 27 in Australia, and will definitely NOT be a limited pressing! Although there might be something very cool as a limited bonus offer, but details will be revealed closer to release date.

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Burning Heart Records KINGWOOD ART
Posted by Bomber on Thursday, January 27 @ 13:10:29 CST (268 reads)

Here it is, the cover of the new Millencolin album 'Kingwood' which will be released at the end of March, it will also come with an 80 minute in the studio type documentary. Look out for the first single 'Ray' to hit very soon. Read More to see the cover art.

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Burning Heart Records "NOT THE KINGWOOD!"
Posted by Bomber on Monday, January 10 @ 22:25:08 CST (65 reads)

In case you missed the little sneak peek at a track from the new Millencolin album in Listen Up last week, we'll give it to you here with a little more info on the release. It is of course their first album in 3 years and is due out late March . The album is titled 'Kingwood', and will be preceded by the single 'Ray', that will be released locally in Australia in extremely limited quantity, and will feature 2 bonus cuts not available elsewhere. Guitarist Erik is currently working on all the artwork for the album and single. Stay tuned for more sneak peek's soon.

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Posted by Bomber on Thursday, December 02 @ 00:11:22 CST (64 reads)

Burning Heart Records are extremely proud to announce that Millencolin have signed a new worldwide contract with the label for two more albums. Millencolin has released all their previous records on Burning Heart, and both the band and the label are looking forward to continue working together. "We love the band and its members as family", says label owner Peter Ahlqvist. "It feels great that we got the deal together with Burning Heart Records, the label we've been on since the start back in 1992", declares Millencolin in a mutual statement. "We have a lot to thank each other for, and we're looking forward to continuing our long time relationship". Millencolin's new album (currently un-titled) will be released in late March and word is the sound is a mix of their more rock-orientated stuff and their older, fast hard hitting punk rock sounds. Burning Heart is of course distributed in Australia by Shock and Millencolin are one of their biggest success stories, having scored their first Gold Album anywhere in the world when 'Pennybridge Pioneers' went Gold, and with latest album 'Home From Home' having just brought up Gold Status in Australia, the label is very excited to continue the long relationship with both them and Burning Heart.

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Posted by Bomber on Friday, November 05 @ 13:11:51 CST (85 reads)

Millencolin have completed work on their upcoming record. "We are now finally done with the recording of our new album! We are really satisfied how it came out! It's really hard for us to explain the direction of the new songs, since we've lived with them for so long now and are too used to them. But it's faster and less rock-influenced compared to Home From Home. More punk with melodies we're pretty sure you'll like!" Don't forget theyve been running an extensive journal on the whole process over on their website [Here]

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