Date: Sunday, December 25 @ 23:35:09 CST
Topic: General News

Hey folks, hope you all had a good christmas, to get you through Boxing Day and the subsequent holidays, here's a bit of gear folks have dished out the past couple of days that we've been hitting the turps.

~ and Fat Wreck have a combined xmas gift, a full live Dillinger Four set, oh yes you can get your mits on it right now at ... of course.
~ Sydney's Bagster have continued their offering of free demos, this week they've put up another new track 'Beast Of Beauty' on their Myspace page for your streaming pleasure.
~ Canadian's Billy Talent have a xmas gift of a new track, also on their Myspace page, you can listen to 'Devil In A Midnight..' here.
~ If you drank too much and completely killed your taste... then a new Hawthorne Heights song might be for you, avoid it if you still have taste though, those who dare can click here.
~ The Bled are also making use of the biggest buzzword of 2005, Myspace. Head to their page for a listen to 'Last American Cowboy'.
~ In case you couldn't view it when the never easy to view MTV site was hosting it, AOLMusic now has 'The Truth About Heaven' film clip by Armor For Sleep up for streaming.
~ Equal Vision Records act Bear Vs Shark have decided to call it a day. Read about it.
~ love the gossip, they have reported that Mikey of My Chemical Romance was recently engaged to Alica Simmons, who has been a fill in recently for From First To Last. Can't wait for the duet...
~ Yellowcard have posted an e-card, unless i'm missing something, it features nothing that hasn't been available for the past month anyway...
~ Dangerdoom video. just get it..
~ Second only to Refused in delayed releases, March 6 now looks like Bad Religion DVD time of arrival.
~ Municipal Waste's "Hazardous Mutation" is Instores 30th January on very limited coloured vinyl. Like thrash? Prepare yourself.
~ In case you missed Antiskeptic's xmas gift, get a full live EP free here.
~ Hyped up UK act Fightstar will release its debut album in the States through Deep Elm Records. You can check them out here.

Enjoy the cricket, the sun, the beer, i know i will be. You can still keep coming back for updates over this holiday period, we'll keep 'em coming for ya! As for emails, we'll prolly be slow on the replying, so if your sending, be patient. However any emails marked with "cure to stop you listening from the Panic! At The Disco album so much" will probably be read instantly. Seriously, catchiest album in so long.

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