Date: Wednesday, December 14 @ 14:32:59 CST
Topic: Downloads

Spod is in a giving mood, you can download a free xmas EP from the man "In celebration of another year in this orsum thang we's call loife, we're playing some showz!  Melby & Sydderz only (sorry rest of the world).  Read More for dates.  To all who read this, and all that don't, yr in my heartz and I wish ya'll the happiest of year endz and a peaceful new year!" Download the EP [here] "Being the 10 year anniversary of Spod, i've recorded a Xmas Song & 2 little bootleggy thingz, which all fucking slam harder than anything eva!  There'z some "collaboration" with Jay Z, Snoop & Pharrell up in there, and a live recording of a never before released song "Xmas Time" in a bar in Texas."

MELB: Featuring memberz of Black Level Embassy & Nation Blue as the Spod Band
16th December - The Espy w/- Dead Frenchmen & Telecom.  Free!
17th December - Ding Dong w/- Children Collide, Golden Age & special guestz The Town Bikes

SYDNEY:  Featuring The Scorpionz, Further as the Spod Band & Rudi from the Head on keyz
18th December - Abercrombie Htl, St Jeromes Summer Series w/- My Disco

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