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Posted byBomber on Sunday, April 30 @ 22:35:34 CDT
Contributed by Bomber

We're just a few weeks off the return of energetic / upbeat rockers Motion City Soundtrack, so Jeff Hendry took the opportunity for a quick chat on the phone with the band's drummer Tony Thaxton about the upcoming tour. Read More to check it out, make sure you pick up a ticet before they all sell out.

Gday Tony, how are you?
Hey there, not too bad and yourself?

Yeah good thanks, so lets get into it, Motion City Soundtrack are currently doing a massive tour and you've got alot of sold out dates, how does that make you all feel?
Its amazing, its definatley beyond what we imagined. Almost every show in the states has sold out and we are very excited about playing the shows.

You guys once did a tour with Blink 182, whats the coolest tour you have been on so far?
Yeah we toured with Blink in Japan and Europe as well.. I'd have to say this current headlining tour, its the most fun i've had so far playing with awesome bands and having wild fans and selling out alot of the shows has made it alot bigger.

Who's got the craziest fans?
There are alot of great places where the kids go wild but id have to say Chicago, there is just something about it and the people there its really great.

I bet the girls go wild for you and the other guys when your up there doing your thing?
Haha we are actually like boring old men, im the only single guy in the band all the others are taken but i dont get up to any mischief at all.

So tell me about one of the funniest things that has happend when you've been on the tour in the past.
Well this may seem much funnier to us because it was abit of a personal joke, but, on the first half of this current tour that we are doing, we were playing with a band called Plain White T's, and we got their tour manager to shave his beard into these handle bars and next thing you know there is this pot of like $300 that everyone has just chucked in and we got him to shave his head exactley like hulk hogan and dye his hair, then we found clothes that looked like Hulk and he went on stage before the show and revved up the crowd, it was pretty funny at the time.

What about the worst or most annoying habit?
Well it doesn't drive me nuts but Jessie, (Keyboards), has this obsession with poker, he loves to play it on video games, watch it on tv, he just doesnt stop with the poker!

And what role do you play in the band while your away? Do you like to be the party starter or the mother etc?
More the peace keeper in a way, mind you we are all laid back we dont get too crazy, we like to take it easy.

So what can the Aussie audiences expect from you this time around on stage?
We are just going to have alot of fun, we love feeding energy to the crowd and feeling it come back to us, definatley put on a high energy show, we feed off them and they feed off us.

When you last toured Europe with Blink, you guys struck up a deal with Mark Hoppus to produce "Commit This To Memory", tell me about what it was like having him onboard.
Mark was really supportive on the album, but to be honest we were all a little scared at first because he was really new to producing but at the same time we were confident in him, he has the same sort of interests as us and was alot of fun to work with.

While recording the track "Everything is alright", you had Patrick from Fall Out Boy and Rob and Patrick from Limbeck singing in the background, any plans to work more with those guys in the future?
Well nothing was really planned, we have known the guys for a long time now and we are good friends, it was just a cool idea that came to us so we did it, and Justin sung on the first Fall Out Boy record with Patrick so that was cool, but yeah we dont have anything really planned.

Whats your favourite song on the album?
Hold Me Down, we just did the video for it and it was the last song we wrote on the album, and i really really enjoy that song, not playing it live or anything, just in general.

Tell me about your personal influences Tony.
Ben Folds, and anything he has done really, LOVE Ben Folds, umm as well as Dave Grohl, i think everyone loves his stuff though and The Beatles to name a few.

So are we going to here much from the older album/Ep, (I Am The Movie & Kids For America), in your live sets?
Wow we did Kids For America along time ago, i dont even think i can remember whats on there, i think its going to be a more even mix between I Am The Movie and Commit This To Memory.

Well thanks for your time Tony, and good luck with the rest of the tour and look forward to seeing you guys hit our shores soon!
Look forward to being there, thanks alot, BYE!

Interview By Jeff Hendry


Thursday 18th May @ The Arena, Brisbane [AA] www.ticketek.com.au 132849, Rockinghorse & Skinnys
Friday 19th May @ UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney [AA] www.ticketek.com.au Ph: 132 849 & Utopia Records
Saturday 20th May @ Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne [18+] www.ticketek.com.au, The HiFi 03 9654 7617 or www.thehifi.com.au; Missing Link 03 9670 8208
Sunday 21st May @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide [AA] www.venuetix.com.au (08) 8225888

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