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We rate this CD worthy of 9 Lovells Pure Lagers.

From their beginnings as The Local Pricks in Western Australia, to the now as Sin City based in Melbourne with a full length and a few singles / Ep's under their belts, these guys (and gal) have kept moving forward with each release, upping the ante each time. Now they've got this self-titled EP that they are currently doing the rounds with throughout the nations pubs and clubs. Produced by Stuart Stuart in Brisbane, they've got five tracks on the offering table for us to devour.

The first thing you'll notice if you have heard the recorded works of the band in the past is the big step up in production this EP has taken. What's even better is the rawness they have delivered in the past, is still captured perfectly. Energetic, catchy rock 'n roll with bite is their thing, and with the dynamic Tash up front on vocals, their 'thing' is damn addictive. 'God Damn' is loaded with hooks, and a chorus that sticks right away. A powerful opener for sure. 'Don't Eat Your Heart Out' will have both your head nodding and feet tapping along before you realise it and 'Teenage Rampage' would incite many a little mosh pit up front at any show. The re-appearance of 'Sweet Lies', a track from their full length, is a welcome one, with the step up in production, giving this one a second showing has it sounding even better than before. If 'alternative radio' was playing what it's name would imply it should be playing, this kinda track would be all over it. Another chorus you will not be forgetting anytime soon. A quality EP all round from the underground, don't be surprised if it's dug it's way out from the depths in the future. Plenty of promise.

'Sin City' is available from the band. You can download three of the songs for free [Here], and stream others on their MySpace page [Here].

TRACKLISTING - [Our Highlights]

1. “God Damn”

2. “Don't Eat Your Heart Out”
3. “Dating The Undead”
4. “Teenage Rampage”
5. “Sweet Lies”

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