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-- METRIC --

8 / 10
Most new bands will take the easy / cheap way to kick start and go with an EP, so it's great to see a debut full length within a year of existing. Obviously confident songwriters, they've pumped out the tracks fast and you'll be hard pressed to find anything that resembles filler or out of place on this album. They've set the bar high on debut, so with more experience and time, you can only see things getting better in the future, jump onboard now and check them out.
Forming in Melbourne about a year ago, Raised By Wolves haven't wasted any time in sorting out a full length debut release. The four piece kept busy playing shows whilst writing for this debut and before they knew it they were in the studio laying down the tracks. Their melodic punk sound was recorded then sent over to Bill Stevenson (anyone who's anyone in the punk world) in the US for mixing and then to Alan Douches (Converge, Hatebreed) for mastering. Equality is the result.

Eleven tracks feature on this album, and it doesn't take to long to get the picture of what sound Raised By Wolves offer. It's a gritty, melodic punk rock vibe with anthemic choruses and a tight production. 'Fight Back' is the first track to jump out and grab you. Something in the water down in Victoria, they tend to produce quality melodic punk rock by the bucket load, and this track sounds like many who have done it in years gone by. Solid. 'My Dying Wish' is another highlight, 'The Right Way' makes good use of the backing vocals, I wouldn't mind hearing them pop up a little more in general, they work well. A nice mix of speed in the songs throughout, a few faster paced ones, a few slower keeping you interested and ensuring it doesn't all become samey.

An impressive package from the artwork / layout to the tunes on offer, like any relatively new band there is room for improvement, but for a relatively short time from birth to this debut album, you have to say they've done a fine job indeed. There's not enough bands of this genre going around these days, so it's good to hear some new quality coming through the ranks. With an impressive start, Raised By Wolves look to be a band to keep your eyes on.

'Equality' is available instores and online now through Metric Records | Shock Records. You can buy a copy online now through Play4me [Here]
. You can listen to samples of each track and purchase online via iTunes [Here]
1. New Dawn
2. Fight Back
3. Passenger
4. Alone
5. My Dying Wish
6. Distant Memory
7. Anthem (RBW)
8. The Right Way
9. I'll Be Here
10. Living Nightmare
11. Volatile
2. Fight Back
5. My Dying Wish
10. Living Nightmare
1. New Dawn

This CD scored 8 Lovells Pure Lagers.

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