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NOFX - Coaster

9 / 10
Like a good drink, NOFX keep on delivering with age. It's pretty safe to say that this album won't be getting much use as either a coaster or frisbee. With this new album, the just released 'Backstage Passport' DVD and a tour of our land set for later this year, it's a prominent year for NOFX, hopefully this leads to a bunch of younger bands coming through taking more influence from the kings of the genre.
You know them, you've heard them, you know what they're about, and you know pretty much exactly what you are going to get every time they pump out a new album. If you don't, then I suggest you do some research pronto because you've been missing out.

Studio album number 12 for the kings of punk rock of the last couple of decades. As you'd know by now NOFX are not going to be the kind of band who let's you down by trying to re-invent the wheel. They aren't going to experiment a new sound and go down the shitter. Sure as they get older, there are a few tracks with each album that may not appeal as much as some of the earlier stuff, but you don't care about that, they are NOFX, they are consistent and they entertain each and every time. 'Coaster' is no different, in fact if anything it's a step up from their last couple of albums. From the sad honesty in 'My Orphan Year' to the completely silly honesty of 'Creeping Out Sara', as always with NOFX they aren't going to hold back or sugarcoat anything. 'Eddie, Bruce And Paul' is one of the best tracks they've released since 'The Decline', the reggae laced 'Best God In Show' is another standout, barely a dud moment on offer on 'Coaster'. It did take a few listens for some tracks to grow on me, but we got there in the end! Both lyrically and musically this album delivers, why can't many other bands be so consistent over so long?

Do you really need a why? It's NOFX damnit! They've served up an album that you won't forget about soon, in fact, the more you listen to it, the more you will find you like about it, certain tracks just stand out that little bit more over time.

'Coaster' is instores now on Fat Wreck | Shock. The 12" version, entitled "Frisbee" is also available. You can buy a copy of 'Coaster' online now [Here].

1. We Called It America
2. The Quitter
3. First Call
4. My Orphan Year
5. Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
6. Creeping Out Sara
7. Eddie, Bruce and Paul
8. Best God In Show
9. Suits and Ladders
10. The Agony of Victory
11. I Am an Alcoholic
12. One Million Coasters
7. Eddie, Bruce and Paul
5. Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
8. Best God In Show
1. We Called It America

This CD scored 9 Lovells Pure Lagers.

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