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A few years too late for this wagon, we've heard it all a thousand times before, the ones who do it well have had their time in the light and moved on to leave all the imitators still trying to get their piece of the pie. The bio was an entertaining read though. A picture tells a thousand words they say, only one was needed here, and it screams 'avoid'.
The Scissor File hail out of Melbourne, their bio makes for an interesting read, someone sure likes to do some talking up. This is their "sophomore" (we're in Australia dudes...) EP, and their first for the Faultline Records label after kicking off their debut on Adelaide's Pee Records.

After reading their bio, I was a little worried my chair didn't have a seat belt, because apparantly i'm in for quite a ride, i'll probably get scorched too!. I'll keep the window open to make sure I don't miss the "breath of fresh air in a genre craving fun and good times!". Perhaps I got on the wrong bus, because what I'm hearing is hardly fresh, we've heard these kind of songs over and over again, it's that polished studio sound packed with all the cheesy elements that excite the insides of a giddy 15 year old girl. They've taken the image of every other band playing this sound, and probably spend more time ensuring their hair is right than their setlist. The songs are hardly memorable, and they lack the hooks that the likes of Kisschasy, Fall Out Boy & Panic At The Disco etc pack into their songs. This time around they'd better re-analyize their "mission to rock", because this is a transparent, disposable sound that have been done to death.

You'd probably like this if you are an impressionable 15 year old girl who's worn out your collection of "here today, gone late today" forgettable bands and need something to listen to while you wait for your next cheesy fix.

The album is available now on Faultline Records.

Available instores and on iTunes now through Amphead.

1. City Of Churches
2. Dirty Little Secret
3. I Never, I Swear
4. Champagne
5. Broken Radio
6. Life...Or Something Like It
Reading the over the top bio.

This CD scored 2 Lovells Pure Lagers.

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