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If Dance Hall Crashers played straight up punk rock, this is what they would've sounded like. I don't mind the odd dose of sounds like this, and if they keep at it, and keep developing then who knows, in a few years they could be pumping out some top notch stuff. It's good to hear some female fronted stuff matching it with the guys, sometimes you need that alternative to gravel throats!
Die Pretty hail out of New York City, formed by brother and sister after the demise of a previous band. This debut album has been picked up by European label Unconform and these New Yorkers are set to head over to Europe to plug it.

Female fronted, bratty punk rock with a pop twist, that's the easy way to describe this album, not as in your face punk rock as say The Distillers, but good enough to hold your attention. Sarah's vocals fit the mould for what you would expect when you hear "female fronted punk band", and with a bit more work on the overall production, could come up really sounding a treat. Opening track 'Girls And Boys' is the standout, a firecracker of an opener, plenty of cool elements. After a few tracks there are a few parts that become a little samey, but nothing to deter you from listening on. 'Angels' has a cool chorus, lots of backing vocals. The lead vocals are really reminding me of Dance Hall Crashers on this one.

If you like your female fronted punk, and let's face it, some would argue there isn't enough of it these days, then it's worth having a listen to these guys. The production isn't too bad, but plenty of room for improvement, majority of the songs speak for themselves, but with that extra work on production could step up another level. Worth checking out.

The album is available now on Unconform Records

Physical copies available on import, digitally available on iTunes [Here]

1. Girls And Boys
2. Paint It Red
3. Grin And Bear It
4. Angels
5. Will We Make It
6. Can You Hear Me
7. Soaked In Sin
8. Heart Of Stone
9. Knife Bullet Noose
10. Goodbye
1. Girls And Boys
4. Angels

This CD scored 6 Lovells Pure Lagers.

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