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ALEXISONFIRE - Old Crows / Young Cardinals


Release Date - 19th June, 2009
You can buy a copy online from Play4me.com.au Here.

We rate this CD worthy of 10 Lovells Pure Lagers.

'Old Crows / Young Cardinals' is album number four from Canadian's Alexisonfire. By far and away their most anticipated album to date as fans ponder which direction they will head to this time around. With members solo projects keeping them busy in recent times, it's now time for the band to get back into full mode and do what they do best. Hit us with a new album, once again co-produced by Julius Butty.

Every now and then an album comes along that no matter how many times you sit down to give it the once over and write about it, it just doesn't happen. Why? Because each and every time your mind wanders and you find yourself enjoying the music too much to care about doing anything else but get lost in it at the time. This album is one of those. It's also near impossible to pick a favourite track, over the tonnes of listens i've had, nearly every time i'm done, I wind up with a different favourite. This album is fast to grow on you, but like an out of control vine, twists, turns and has you landing in a different position each time. Like each AOF album, before it, there is a shift in direction sound wise, which is the sign of a good band, sure their earlier albums were good, but we don't need to hear the same stuff over again, and I think that's one reason the fan base for these guys is growing every second. People appreciate not knowing what's coming next, and what came this time was an album that is by far their best to date, and a surefire contender for album of 2009.

'Old Crows / Young Cardinals' was be released in Australia on Friday June 19
th on Dine Alone / Shock. You'll be able to grab it in all the usual music stores and online stores.

Tracks are available on their MySpace page [Here].

1. Old Crows
2. Young Cardinals
3. Sons of Privilege
4. Born and Raised
5. No Rest
6. The Northern
7. Midnight Regulations
8. Emerald Street
9. Heading for the Sun
10. Accept Crime
11. Burial
12. Wayfarer Youth

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