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-- Epitaph / Shock --

10 / 10
New Found Glory have created an album here that is going to have a big impact, old fans are going to come running back, new fans are going to be all over it and those there all along, will still be there after listening. A million bands are going to jump on the wagon and try and reproduce this sound, The wave has been building, and this could be the album that pushes non-cheesy pop-punk back into the spotlight. A breath of fresh air for a currently rather stale genre. New Found Glory have come out of the dark with a new label and stolen the kings of pop punk crown off Blink 182's shelf for now, they have earned their place at the top of the ladder with this cracker of an album. Their last couple of albums have been a bit touch and go, but this one ranks right up there next to 'Sticks And Stones' as their peak in my opinion. They've covered all bases here music and Mark Hoppus has done a stellar job production wise. I can't pick a fault anywhere. Whether you are fresh on board, or have been a fan all along, this album will impress you. So many of these tracks will be a treat live making set-list choosing a pretty hard task for this band who are blossoming with age.
Right Where We Left Off is the track you are first hit with, and with everyone hyping this album as a return to form or whatever, you couldn't ask for a better intro really, classic NFG in sound, the sound that propelled them through the pop punk ranks, crunchy guitars, that token whiney vocal and a chorus as infectious as the flu. Pop-punk at it's finest, a great start.

Don't Let Her Pull You Down has big shoes to follow, but does so in style right from the cool intro, the song that will spark up any mosh, setting kids off on a jumping spree. Powerful gang vocals in the chorus compliment things well, it's good to hear a little aggression going on, there will be singalongs, there will be fists aimed at the sky.

Listen to Your Friends is the first single you have probably already heard by now, everyone is loving it, and with good reason, it's a solid track, but there are better on offer on the album, so if you like this one, you are going to love the rest of it.

47 is much like 'Don't Let Her Pull You Down', a powerful number, lots of chanting action in the backing vocal department, a nice pace has the song flowing well, the highlight of this track is the music itself, it's a familiar yet fresh sound that a few pop-punk bands have tried, but few have come out sounding this good. Another one bound to become a live favourite. Great track.

Truck Stop Blues starts off in a frenzy then drops into a big anthemic chorus that continues to build as the track gets bigger and bigger, it's over with before you know it and you are left wanting to listen again. One of the highlights for sure.

Tangled Up takes a rest from the hyped up pogo mosh kinda sound and slips into a more melodic mode, an easy track to tap along to. With a sound similar to what has been on offer their past couple of albums, this one is bound to impress many, a good little break from the flurry of pace that was the first 5 tracks.

I'll Never Love Again resumes the bounce around like a nut mood, not the fastest track but flows well, more big crunchy riffs, in your face backing vocals add an extra toughness to the song, all given great attention in the production, everything really sounds great when pumped loud.

Reasons is a choppy track that has a few different styles blended in, an acoustic guitar joins the sound just peeking through the mix at various times, it slips between ballad, rock and winds up with a quick blazing guitar solo before the acoustic rides you home.

Such a Mess is one the hardcore kids will dig, this one is big in grunt, a hard 'n fast intro leads into a tight song that will easily be a live favourite, this one follows up their previous EP well, if you dug that EP, this song will be a highlight for you.

Heartless at Best is one for the fans of the 'Coming Home' sound, big on melody, not so paced and just a more chilled overall sound, fits in well here to keep a mixed sound, but with so many highlights before it, doesn't really command much attention. Not a bad song though.

This Isn't You is one of those tracks that takes a while to grow on you, but the constant repetition of "your words break me down like a wrecking ball, i'm so sick of it all" is memorable, and it's the line you find yourself busting out at random times singing along wondering what am i singing. Sign of a good chorus that is, give this one a few runs, and it will stick.

Don't Let This Be the End is the album closer and after a few song absence, the pace is back in flight, that powerful energy is once again present alongside the gang backup vocals that really come into force at the songs ending. A nice way to sum up a damn solid album, i'm having absolutely no hesitation in going back to the start for another listen.
1. Right Where We Left Off
2. Don't Let Her Pull You Down
3. Listen to Your Friends
4. 47
5. Truck Stop Blues
6. Tangled Up
7. I'll Never Love Again
8. Reasons
9. Such a Mess
10. Heartless at Best
11. This Isn't You
12. Don't Let This Be the End
5. Truck Stop Blues
2. Don't Let Her Pull You Down
7. I'll Never Love Again
1. Right Where We Left Off
4. 47


This CD scored 10 Lovells Pure Lagers.


You can pre-order a copy of 'Not Without A Fight' right now through JB Hi Fi Online for $19.99

This album will be instores on February 21st on Epitaph through Shock. The band will be in the country at the same time performing on the Soundwave Festival as well as headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Tickets are on sale now and selling fast!
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