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9 / 10
If you were to say a couple of years ago that NOFX would have a "reality TV" program, you'd probably laugh it off, but it happened, and the reality is, it was great. There aren't too many bands who could come up with results as entertaining, most simply would be to afraid to show most of the material and you'd get a boring tour video filled with no backstage antics at all. So big ups to NOFX for quality viewing. It's one you can watch over and over again too, not just a "seen it once, that's enough" type of DVD. Grab yourself a copy, you'll enjoy.
NOFX, you know them, you know what they are all about, and you know you are always going to get something entertaining out of them. So, give them a film crew to follow them touring around the world, mostly to places band's just don't tour, places they've never sold a single CD, have no connections and throw caution to the wind dealing with promoters who don't have half a clue. The result is Backstage Passport. 8 Episodes that aired as a TV show on Fuse, and a bonus disc with just under 3 hours of unseen extra footage.

This double DVD is really well packaged, and loaded with hours of quality viewing, so much in fact that it really is impossible to summarize into a few hundred words. Unlike most band's who would probably cut out 90% of the material that gets shown in this program, it's great to see a band giving an honest insight into their life as a touring band. Everything is shown, and very little left out, another great part is that the focus is not solely just on band members, you'll come to know their whole touring crew as you watch each episode, you'll find out the kind of work involved in touring a band, particularly when things don't always go to plan. Sometimes things work out, other times, quick thinking is required to smuggle your crew and gear out from under hundreds of armed cops watching eyes. You'll see it isn't always fun and games, you'll see the toll it takes on relationships, you'll see dodgy promoters talking shit and shit loads more. And that's just the 8 episodes. Throw in loads of extended and bonus footage, and chances are you'll need a few sittings to get through the whole package. Never a dull moment.

If you want to see a no-bullshit approach to a punk band touring the world, this is for you. Most bands will fill their DVD's with whatever it is that's going to make them look bigger and better than they actually are, they burn off all the warts and leave you with something far less entertaining than what NOFX deliver with Backstage Passport. You will not be disappointed.

The DVD is instores now on Fat Wreck / Shock.

You can pick up a copy online via JB-HiFi [Here]


Episode 1: Brazil, Chile
Episode 2: Argentina, Ecuador, Peru
Episode 3: Japan, Singapore
Episode 4: Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, China
Episode 5: Indonesia
Episode 6: Israel
Episode 7: Russia
Episode 8: South Africa

+ Bonus DVD with 2.5 hours extra footage



Episode 3: Japan, Singapore
Episode 7: Russia
Episode 2: Argentina, Ecuador, Peru

This DVD scored 9 Lovells Pure Lagers.

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