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NO CREDIT - Rock 'N Roll With Fast Bits

7 / 10
Nice work for a debut release from these Victorians. Always busy on the live circuit, and with that you can only expect them to grow more and more with each release. Sounds like a bunch of guys having a good time playing tunes in a genre they've grown up with. No direct rip-offs, just solid tunes worthy of a listen.
No Credit are a four piece gritty punk rock band hailing out of Victoria. They've shared stages with the likes of Lagwagon, No Use For A Name and Strung Out and released this debut EP featuring 5 tracks and 2 demos in January this year.

The guitars wail, the vocals crunch, the drums hold the beat. No Credit play that 90's punk sound we've heard a million times before, but in this day and age sadly don't hear enough of. While tonnes of bands go for that overly polished, and more often than not boring sound, it's refreshing to hear more locals having a bash at a nice raw punk sound. Plenty of moments to pump the fist along to, choruses to chant your way through. Most evident in the opener 'Boys We're On', a track that would no doubt be a staple of their live show. 'Fuck This Place' would be the track that opens up the pit and livens up the night. 'Regards To Everyone' is a cool little acoustic track to close up the main tracks, then some bonus demos are thrown in for good measure.

Good quality local music, plain and simple, we don't have enough of it going around in this genre at the moment, so check them out, and keep and eye out for them playing around the traps, from the sounds of them in the studio, you'd be under the impression that a fun live show would be on the cards.

'Rock 'N Roll With Fast bits was released in January 2009 and is available now.
Check the indie stores around Melbourne, or buy a copy online direct from the band [Here]
1. Boys We're On
2. Fuck This Place
3. Juliem
4. Summer Stoned
5. Regards To Everyone
6. Blood Sweat And Beers
7. No Credit
1. Boys We're On
4. Summer Stoned

This CD scored 7 Lovells Pure Lagers.

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