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:::::: JULY 21st, 2008 ::::::

Out Now
Hailing out of St Louis, Missouri in the US are Dead City Dregs, a picture tells a thousand words and in this case tells you pretty much what you can expect when you press play. It's that famous combination of the contrast feature with Black, Red and White that is pretty much stock standard for street-punk type bands. Influenced clearly by the likes of Rancid, The Clash etc these guys lay down 7 anthemic tracks delivered with gritty lead vocals, many group backup vocals and simple but effective music. Obviously without the budget of some of the bigger bands in the genre, but the beauty of this genre is that you don't need an overly big production to get your point across. If you are a fan of the whole catchy street-punk stuff, then checking these guys out will do your ears no harm at all.
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Out Now
Living With Lions sound like the result you'd get from a stacks on involving A Wilhelm Scream and Lifetime. Something many would love to see i'm sure, melodic punk rock from Vancouver, Canada, a really hot breeding ground of late it would seem, something is certainly in the water up that way because melodic punk stuff is being pumped out at high quality and these guys are no exception. Their sound will be instantly appealing to pretty much anyone who digs punk rock in general, they play it fast, they keep it catchy and they do it in style. It's hard to pick at anything really, they seem to have found the right balance of everything to create a really solid album, especially given it's their debut full length. If you are looking for the soundtrack to your next party, or just something to get you moving, check these guys out, you can only imagine they are on their way towards bigger and better things. Go take a listen, I really doubt you'll be disappointed.
[MYSPACE] - Available On Import -
Buy Online from Maple Music [$12.99CA]

Out Now
It doesn't take long into the opening track 'One Night Only' to be sold on the 'Glamours, the only reason you'll be pressing the stop or pause button is to get up off your arse and grab a beer or two in preparation for the other 12 tracks. A staple on the live scene, rarely a month goes by where they aren't on some kind of tour, they've established a name for themselves for their live show. Now a debut album has dropped and more ears have the chance to catch onto their rock 'n roll wares. Unlike the Aussie rock bands currently hogging the airwaves, HCG aren't a one trick pony, or just recycling previous generations sound, variety is key, and no two songs sound the same, nor do any songs drag, they get your attention from the outset and manage to hold it, which quite frankly, I cannot think of any other Aussie bands doing this kind of sound have been able to do, in my eyes anyway. 'One Night Only' & 'Back To You' get the party started, 'Josephine' will ensure even those 'too cool to move around' folks are up and on the floor, 'Ready To Fall' & 'The Money' have everyone singing along, 'In The Cold' brings out the air guitar in everyone and closer 'Thank you' will probably find it's home also at the end of a set, leaving your ears wanting more. Forget the over-rated hyped to the nines bands doing the rounds, keep an eye out at your local, because chances are HCG will be back there sometime soon. A little something for everyone from punk lovers to rock dogs and blues fans.
[WEBSITE] [MYSPACE] - Available Through MGM -
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Out Now
The Hextalls were around in the late 90's / early 00's and one of Canada's more popular pop-punk bands. After a 5 or so year absence the band is back and sounding exactly like they did back in their prime. This is 90's pop-punk through and through, three chords and a fun sound, cheesy lyrics scattered throughout. Think Chixdiggit, Nerf Herder & The Vandals as a basic reference point, pretty much like slipping into a time machine however the sound stands the test of time and will probably appeal to many in this current little pop-punk revival slowly building. Well worth checking out, there are plenty of highlights, 'Can't Talk, Gotta Work', 'Jeff Siemans Vs The Toothbrush', 'Martin Lawrence' & 'Ramones T-Shirt' are all decent. If you don't mind a bit of lowbrow humor, occasionally recycled riffs and generally upbeat fun music, then you are gonna dig this. It took me back in time that's for sure, it was annoying when a million bands were doing it, but since everyone's too cool for pop-punk now, it seems kinda fresh. I like it.
[MYSPACE] - Available On Import -
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~~~~ FIRST LOOK ~~~~

Out 28th July
Verse are the Rage Against The Machine of the hardcore scene, easiest way to describe them. They are no-bullshit, they are relevant, they are in your face and they have a message. A message they deliver with raw honesty that does seem to be few and far between these days. This is one of those albums that to take it all in you really do need to sit there with the booklet reading the lyrics as they are blasted out at you through the speakers in the same way that many before them did in the mid to late 90's. This is the kind of album you hope that people only freshly getting into the genre would have recommended to them as a starting point. Production is great, everything is balanced well in the mix and hits you with impact. These type of bands seem to be popping up more and more of late, which is a great thing, hopefully you can take the time to have a listen to what these guys are doing, it should appeal to many and would have to be up there as one of the better hardcore releases of the year.
[WEBSITE] [MYSPACE] - Available Through Stomp -
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Out Now
New six track EP from Wollongong outfit Reason Strikes, playing a gritty sound laced with anthemic choruses and a bunch of energy. A nice mixed result that takes influence from both street-punk and pop-punk to form a mid-way point that should appeal to most ears. There are moments where the vocals do become a little hard to catch, luckily for you, the lyrics are there, you can chant along. If you are into bands like The Bouncing Souls, Unpaid Debt, Whole Wheat Bread etc then chances are you'll find this one appealing. A solid production makes it all sound sweet. Worth a look at, not enough local bands left doing this kinda stuff, hopefully a few more catch on.
[MYSPACE] - Available Now -
Pick up a copy [Here]

Out Now
The last few years have seen every second band in Brisbane seemingly decide to add keyboards to their lineup, here's one that actually makes decent use of them for the sound they are doing. That sound is a real Americanized power-pop sound, if you aren't a fan of the kind of vocal that comes with the sound, then chances are this won't convince you otherwise. The opener 'Tastefully Tricky' sounds like Bowling For Soup without the corny lyrics. The songs are catchy, but very borderline with getting on your nerves. The kind of music you can put up with at a party with a few under your belt having a good time, but perhaps not as much when you just want something to listen to. The underage market will completely lap up every second of it though. Expect 15yold girls, ten deep at the front of the stage screaming their little hearts out.
[MYSPACE] - Available Now -
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Beer is good, this though, was not.
Like a match with no head, didn't spark a flame.
Not bad, give it a go, might appeal to you.
Solid effort, worthy of a spot in your collection.
The beer can wait, go buy this now!
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TBC - Bleeding Through - Title TBC

8 - Civet - Hell Hath No Fury
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15 - Gym Class Heroes - The Quilt
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One for the dedicated fans who want to fill their collection of this now broken up hardcore outfit. A live recording in a record store recorded in January this year. Quality is good and i'm sure it'll keep the fans happy. Having never really been here nor there with these guys I found this one quite listenable, it didn't punish my ears, nor set them on fire. If you dig the band, then chances are this one will impress you.
[WEBSITE] - [Buy Online] - Shock Records


Never have, and probably never will understand the hype on this band, this album doesn't do anything to change my opinion, it's whiney, annoying and sounds like it belongs locked up in your enemies garage. You've heard one song, you've heard them all really. Totally not my thing at all, i could run off a list as long as your arm of bands who given the same budget would release something a hundred times better, just throw me the ink and i'll begin!
[WEBSITE] - Ivy League


I had a really really hard time trying to come up with a review for this album, the problem was that the words just wouldn't come to me to do so, I kept getting lost in the album, taken away from the point of wanting to write about it, and just wanting to listen and enjoy. Still multiple listens through, the best I can come up with is that you should not make the mistake I did of pretty much ignoring them in the past. Because this album is a great ride of classic rock delivered in a way that grabs you by the neck and stops you doing anything but listen. Try it, you'll be hooked too.
[WEBSITE] - [Buy Online] - Shock Records
:::::: TRACK BY TRACK ::::::


1. How Do We Know
2. Raise The Alarm
3. White Noise
4. Moment In The Sun
5. Waiting For The Silence
6. Make The Call
7. Loaded Gun
8. Kid
9. 21st Century
10. Hey Hey Disbeliever
11. Sum Of Us

:: Pre-Order ::
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Pre-Order the 'Collectors Edition' of 'White Noise' that will come in a special digi-pack with a bonus DVD 'Live At AC/DC Lane' as well as a free Living End guitar pick for just $19.99 including free postage. You must order before July 21 to get free delivery. [Order Your Copy Now Here]


Pre-Order the 'Standard Version' of 'White Noise' and get a free Living End guitar pick and free delivery for $21.22. You must order before July 21 to get free delivery. [Order Your Copy Now Here]
"How Do We Know" is a big opener, you've probably heard it by now, so you'll know what I mean, it sets the tone for exactly what is to come. A band with some fresh ideas and a want to capture as much of a 'live vibe' as possible. There's an old-school rock vibe on show, the backing vocal chants are great and we're off to a cracking start.

"Raise The Alarm" is one of those jump out and grab you right away type tracks, there's not much difference in energy between the verses and the chorus, it's just flat-chat explosive rock 'n roll right through and continues to build up to a big ending. With it's fist pumping, chanting along intro it's bound to set crowds alight as soon as the first chord is delivered.

"White Noise" is the first single, you can't not have heard it by now, and chances are you've found yourself breaking out into the chorus at random times. It's got all the boxes ticked for what you need in a rock single, while they may have outgrown playing 'Prisoner Of Society' live every night, they've definitely found a replacement for it. The standout track on the album if you look at it from an instantly memorable perspective, you won't be forgetting it anytime soon.

"Moment In The Sun" has a familiar feel about the way it plays out, in a warm welcoming kinda way, you feel like you already know it somehow, so you get straight down to the business of singing along and enjoying the track. It's an interesting one lyrically, it may very well explain the situation the band has been in in recent times, if in fact that's what it's about, that's the way I took it anyway after reading a few recent interviews. If so, then it sums up the album pretty well. "This is the right place, this is the right time for our moment in the sun"

"Waiting For The Silence" might not grab you on first listen, but given time you start to find the bits of the puzzle that make it all fall in together, there's a lot going on musically in this lengthy piece, so those little bits are there awaiting you to listen close and find them, every album has a track like this one where a few new things are tried, and the result this time is a positive one.

"Make The Call", dirty rock 'n roll, I love it, suddenly you are transported to the feel of a small dive of a bar and this is the sound you expect from the band on the stage. The guitars are big, the drums are present and not hiding in the shadows, it's not radio single type material, but it gives off a comfortable vibe, the kind of song a band writes because they want to play it live and that's it, no other reasons or aspirations other than to have fun with it.

"Loaded Gun" is one of those tracks that tells a story, and is delivered in that fashion. I could say the same thing in each and every song about the great guitar work, but it's pretty much expected from Chris, nothing is overdone when it very easily could be, he throws in what needs to be there and that's it, there's no showing off just because he can play like a gun.. and we all know he can.. so it shows a very mature songwriter, not to overshadow the other guys, the bass in particular sound is really good in this track as well. Clocking in just shy of 5 minutes is this track, though you hardly notice it's length. Solid rock.

"Kid" is a nice little power-pop ditty, very bright in sound, upbeat in nature with a simple but effective vibe. It's touching on a sound that we haven't really heard from these guys before, but not swaying too far away to be out of place. A little Beatles'esque at times. Refreshing though.

"Hey Hey Disbeliever" is one of my favourite's on the album, it's gritty and catchy as hell, riding along on a sweet guitar line and some fast paced vocals that lead into an anthemic chorus that we've come to expect from the band in years gone by. While like the rest of the album it's just good rock 'n roll, something about it jumps right out and grabbed my attention a little more than the majority of other tracks.

"Sum Of Us" takes us to the close with a completely different vibe to the rest of the album, a sweet dub-reggae type number that grows on you with each listen. A fitting way to close actually, we've just been taken on a ride through all aspects of the rock genre and this is the final part of the ride, the chill-out room before you are thrust back into the real world. You can imagine this one popping up somewhere in the middle of a set, giving everyone a few minutes to just take it in, sway around a bit and feel the vibe.

:: The Verdict ::
This is a different Living End to what we've known in the past. It's a fresh approach that sees the band trying their hand a handful of different sounds, still within the rock banner of course. It keeps things interesting with no two songs sounding the same. The difference to in the past is there seems to be less 'single' type songs, there is no gap between single and filler type tracks, everything is on a similar level and very consistent from start to finish. Now doing it for an indie label, and off a bit of a break this could be The Living End doing it for themselves, at their most comfortable, doing it exactly how they want it without any kind of outside influence. There's no better band to be waving the Aussie rock flag and with 'White Noise' they have it raised nice and high.
:::::: PREVIOUS 2008 LOWDOWNS ::::::
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[Monday February 4th]
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[Monday January 21st]
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[Monday January 14th]
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