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:::::: JANUARY 14th 2008 ::::::

EP Launch Show
Feb 23rd at
Spectrum, Sydney

Now here is something the industry needs more of. A rock band who actually have balls, know how to construct a song that isn't a rip-off from the good ol' days and don't sound like an over polished turd. Run! Hide! are Sydney lads who play an energetic punk inspired rock 'n roll sound. This is their debut EP and it's 5 tracks of well pieced together tunes. Players who know how to play, rather than spend more time worrying about image, a singer with a natural sound, not trying to be someone he's not all result in some damn addictive tunes. Production ain't half bad either from the popular Sydney engineer Dave Hammer. The EP runs for 22 minute so they can write a song of length and keep your interest, that's always a good thing. Hopefully the start of many more releases to come, keep an eye out for the name, as you'll probably be seeing it a bit this year.
[MYSPACE] - Available Independently -
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January 26th


We've been kept waiting for this one for months after we all got our hopes up late last year, only for it to be pushed back. Now it's here, album number 2 for these Canadians. Split into three parts if you run with the theme, they describe the concept as being "about the re-emerging of goddess worship and the erosion of faith in scientific process." But that will probably go over most people's heads as they are drawn to their technical metal sounds. Not just a one trick pony these guys know how to get creative, and no two tracks sound at all alike and it's not at all strange to hear them jump from full on brutal, into a melodic explosion in a matter of seconds. If you are into things like old Avenged Sevenfold, Coheed & Cambria and Dragonforce, then these guys could be up your alley. They showed promise with their 2005 album 'Kezia', but up the quality tenfold on this album. It is like no album you have heard before and should appeal to a wide range of ears, might take some time to digest it properly, but I reckon this album is going to do wonders for the band, word of mouth will be a big thing as punters are always looking out for that new band they can go crazy over, this one is a fine candidate for that, it's got cast iron balls, loads of guitar solos, every kind of vocal under the sun, a production to die for, and knows how to give your speakers a workout when cranked. You could say it's a good thing Avenged Sevenfold took a turn down commercial lane, because it's left a wide open highway for these guys to stand up and be noticed. Give them a listen.
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Available on import from the US

Fun, fun and more fun is the easy way to describe Teenage Bottlerocket, an up and coming US band who plays their punk rock in the vein of The Ramones, The Queers etc. It's simple 3 chord stuff for the most part, but damn effective and will have you in the mood to raise your glass and sing along right from the word go. Loaded with tracks that barely surpass 2 and a half minutes you'll get through the album in no time and want to go back to the beginning and re-live. Everything is to the point, no messing around, no getting all arty, no wankery, just upbeat punk rock done the way it should be. If these guys were around ten years ago, Fat Wreck would've been all over them, and they would be massive. Let's hope word of mouth guides this band to success, because their tunes deserve to be heard. You'll need to import a copy from the US as there is no Australian release, but it's well worth it!
[MYSPACE] [WEBSITE] - Available Independently -
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January 26th

An interesting offering from Brooklyn's Dub Trio, primarily an instrumental affair that unlike most of it's sort, doesn't offer too many moments where you want to turn away. Very riff heavy, the guitar sound is massive, you can feel every bass note, and the drums sit perfect in the mix. Don't be expecting something that's all your stereotypical dub sound here, sure there are moments, but for the most part this album is riff central, some cool rock riffs, the occasional tread into punk / metal territory and a whole lot of great ideas, song structures and delivery. You can just tell by listening that these guys are each masters of their craft and that you would be in awe at them on a stage. Jack of all trades, Mike Patton offers a little vocal performance on the track 'No Flag' as well, but for the most part, this album is just music, and to be honest, because the sounds are so well done, you hardly even notice the lack of a vocal. I reckon you could probably slot these guys into the "a musicians band" pile, that meaning that musicians would be doing more raving about them than the average punter. Hopefully i'm proven wrong though and you go take the time to listen, because this album deserves to be heard.
[MYSPACE] [WEBSITE] - Available Through Shock -
PRE-ORDER online at [$24.10]

Instores Now.
The latest hardcore band to find home on the Trustkill label are these guys from Iowa, like me, you've probably never heard of them either but if you like your growling hardcore more than your screaming hardcore, then you might want to look into these guys. It's tough, it's huge in sound and shows promise. Originally released a year back, the band found themselves with revolving members, so once they settled on a lineup, got a new singer, they decided to re-record this one and Trustkill have put it out there. Very guitar heavy, the production is very in your face, the vocals can get a little much after a while, but it's a hell of a lot better than most of the trendy stuff out there at the moment. One for the tough guys.
[MYSPACE] [WEBSITE] - Available Through Shock -
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Instores Now.
Judging by the bio, someone really has tickets on this band, whether that's themselves or an enthusiastic intern at Trustkill i dunno, names like Van Halen and ZZ Top are being thrown around, not that the band sounds like either of them mind you. To put it bluntly, the band has some fantastic ideas and sounds, and they have an appealing singer, but as soon as the cookie monster makes an appearance, any appeal is instantly wiped away. When there is actual singing, the songs are pretty damn sweet, the music is energetic as fuck and there is some sweet guitar work going on. Bound to appeal to the screamo crowd, these guys could really broaden their audience if the gut wrenching squeals of a dying cat were cut out of the picture, it really does no favors to the direction of the songs.
[MYSPACE] [WEBSITE] - Available Through Shock -
Instores Now

Instores Now.
It's no surprise to discover these indie-rockers hail from Western Australia, quite the breeding ground over the last few years. This 7 tracker is one hell of an introduction, the songs are instantly mesmerizing and flow like a dream. Sounds you can just sit back and chill to and forget about everything around you. 3 sets of lungs up front on guitar and bass, a drummer and one hell of a captivating sound. This kind of music is really touch and go with my ears, so to be instantly impressed, it's safe to say these guys have something special going on. Not afraid to draw out their songs past the 5 minute barrier either, which usually means boring, not with this act, you don't even realize time going by. Highlight is 'Let It Go, Let It Go' with the other six not far behind. If you like something a bit more mellow and atmospheric, check these guys out now.
[MYSPACE] [WEBSITE] - Available Through Poison City -
Buy Online from Hobbledehoy Store [$10.00]

Instores Now.
If there was an annual march for folks with A.D.D then Mindless Self Indulgence would be the soundtrack to the day, you've got no chance of predicting what will come next from these folks. If you like your music with a twist, well about 1000 twists per song then these folks are for you. This is a re-packaged / re-mastered release of the album which includes a bunch of bonus stuff, just in time to get you into them before they tour on Soundwave Festival next year. You are gonna like em, or you are gonna loathe em. Not really my thing, but a few points for a solid work ethic and their attempts to create something unique!
[MYSPACE] [WEBSITE] - Available Through Stomp -
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Beer is good, this though, was not.
Like a match with no head, didn't spark a flame.
Not bad, give it a go, might appeal to you.
Solid effort, worthy of a spot in your collection.
The beer can wait, go buy this now!
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CRAPULOUS GEE GAW - Filthy Little Beast
Western Sydney punk rock warriors return with another selection of their blend of in your face, offensive punk that they've been belting out for many a year now. Full of sure-fire hits like 'Fuck You Old Lady', 'Scurvy Foreskin Fondue' and 'Never Trust A Cunt' this one is a bunch of dudes, having a good time rockin' out to what they love. No scene riding here.
[WEBSITE] - Independent -
Buy Online Now from the band [$15.00]
LIAM FINN - Gather To The Chapel
A Simple CD/DVD single from Liam Finn, 2 songs from his debut album on CD and 2 video clips on a DVD. One for the indie fans, 'Gather To The Chapel' is a catchy pop tune that slowly and surely sticks, 'Lullaby' is a little different, but still shows signs of a talented songwriter.
[WEBSITE] - Liberation Music - Out Now
Buy Online Now from Play4Me [$8.37]
BLACKPOOL LIGHTS - This Town's Disaster
New group for Jim from The Get Up Kids, so you know you are in for some catchy pop goodness, and that's what you do get. An album full of easy listening, infectious power-pop tracks. While there isn't any amazing standouts, the quality is consistent through the whole album, so there are no dud tracks. Good for a chilled out afternoon by the pool. Check it out
[WEBSITE] - Boomtown Records - Out Now
Buy Online Now from Play4Me [$24.10]

:::::: TRACK BY TRACK ::::::

1. Forgive Me
2. Confessions
3. The Death of Me
4. Body in a Box
5. Sleeping Sickness
6. What Makes a Man?
7. Waiting...
8. Constant Knot
9. Against the Grain
10. The Girl
11. Sensible Heart
12. As Much As I Ever Could


::: IN SHORT :::
This album is everything that a C&C fan will be hoping for, it's raw, it's personal, the average person can relate to the lyrics and best of all it gives off an instant sense of honesty that is just so hard to come by these days. Dallas' voice is incredible and used to perfection. I strongly recommend throwing on a good set of headphones, turn out the lights and get comfortable. Close your eyes and just imagine the songs are being performed right there, for you. Because that's exactly what it sounds like. It will appeal to everyone and be one of the most loved albums of the first part of 2008.
City And Colour, if you don't know by now, is Dallas Green, from the Canadian band Alexisonfire. These are his solo works, his quieter side so to speak, the lyrics are most personal and the delivery, most beautiful. Dallas was obviously taught somewhere along the way the "kiss" method, that being "keep it simple, stupid", and that is what makes this album draw you right in. Close your eyes and it sounds like you are in the same room. No overuse of studio tricks, excessive layers of instruments, this is a perfect example of soulful acoustic music.

"Forgive Me" - Will be a familiar track to the fans, one of the few tracks on here that first appeared on the "Live" CD/DVD. A mood setting number. It's listening to this track that you know you are in for a treat for the next 40 minutes, such a natural vibe is created, like I mentioned, it sounds like if you turned around, he could be right there playing for you.

"Confessions" - Another familiar track from the live disc, this one is an instant sing-a-long as soon as the chorus hits, whether you already know the lyrics or not, by the time it rolls around a second time you'll be amongst it. You'll also find yourself "Do do do do do'ing" at random moments after listening.

"The Death Of Me" - A nice little upbeat number with a sweet little warm bass line that offers a bit more of a fuller sound. The vocals are a real highlight here, both lead and the cool little backups that appear. Such a simple track, but so instantly appealing with it's really personal lyrics and a great flow.

"Body In A Box" - A smooth flowing number with the help of a nice organ sound and some harmonica making appearances throughout compliment this track about death. If the lyrics are like most of the others and hold personal meaning, then this is Dallas telling everyone how he wants to, or not be fare welled. One of the albums strongest tracks.

"Sleeping Sickness" - When the chorus hits in this one you stand up and take notice, another thing you notice are the guest vocals of Gordon Downie from the band The Tragically Hip (one of Canada's most influential groups). Together they create a great sound, another simple song where the vocals really do hold fort, the production as well stands out a little more from the others, perhaps to be geared towards being a potential radio single..

"What Makes A Man" - Brings things back to the simple man and guitar sound, a very mellow number where the vocals go for a ride through a few different styles, a little different to the rest, creative nonetheless. Probably one of those numbers that grows on you after a heap of listens.

"Waiting.." - is the first track made public from the album has got the people talking, personally I think it's an odd choice as the first single, while it's a great song, it's probably not the strongest and lacks a little bit of that "in the same room as you" vibe that has been going on for the most part on the tracks so far.

"Constant Knot" - I like it when Dallas goes for the whole "sound" over "words" in parts of songs, it's not overused, and seems to be slotted in perfectly when it is. This track is pretty standard throughout, then jumps right into becoming an anthem, this will be one hell of a sing along live as everyone claps and joins in the "ba ba ba ba ba da da da dah's"

"Against The Grain" - The harmonica makes it's return in this humble little ballad where Dallas passes on some words of wisdom. Many will rate this one as the album's standout track on it's lyrics alone, probably the strongest on offer here. It's hard to call a track "beautiful" but it's hard to think of any other words to describe it. Top song.

"The Girl" - Almost two songs in one here, the first couple of minutes are very mellow, then a sudden change as things suddenly burst out upbeat before slipping back to even more mellow a couple of minutes later to fade out. An interesting track, which is what you want really, diversity goes a long way.

"Sensible Heart" - Another track that originally appeared as a bonus on the 'Live' album. A simple drumbeat guides the direction of this track, once again a fine showing in the lyrics department, nothing to complain about here, just a good tune.

"As Much As I Ever Could" - The big finale, the track the albums title comes from. Very atmospheric, Dallas' vocals a little higher than usual which creates a different mood than any of the other tracks, can't quite describe the exact mood, but you'll notice it "so shine a light, and guide me back home" are the final words rung out in this 5 minute closer.
:::::: PREVIOUS 2008 LOWDOWNS ::::::
[Monday January 14th] - City And Colour, Run! Hide!, Protest The Hero, Teenage Bottlerocket, Dub Trio, Too Pure To Die, Memphis May Fire, The Leap Year, Mindless Self Indulgence, Crapulous Gee Gaw, Liam Finn, Blackpool Lights.