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:::::: JUNE 9th, 2008 ::::::

Out Now
As the sounds of opener 'Troublemaker' ring out you are instantly taken away into that familiar world of Weezer. No doubts about who you are listening to. the kings of quirky power-pop are back in the game and as upbeat as ever. 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived' is an epic indie rock piece that convinces you to get comfy, you just know you'll be in for the long haul at this point. 'Pork & Beans' is a real grower, when I first head it alone it wasn't doing much for me, but throw it amongst the other tracks and it becomes a winner. Everyone in the band gets their shot at vocals on this album and there is a hint of experimenting with their sound throughout however they don't sway too far from the formula that has them so worshipped. The fans should be mighty impressed, and there will be plenty of fresh fans jumping on board.
[MYSPACE] [WEBSITE] - Available Through Warner -
Buy Online from [$27.94]

Out Now
The Night Marchers are the latest project from John Reis (aka. Speedo) who's done time in Rocket From The Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes and more. Alongside him an assortment of experienced musicians, and the result is a sound far beyond what you would expect for a band's debut. Commercially viable while still being the definition of alternative rock 'n roll. The songs are overloaded with infectious hooks that jump right out in your face and slap you. Some so infectious and vibe filled, you can just see them being used in those expensive car ads or something. A solid listen from start to finish, if you have even the slightest interest in some good rock 'n roll, then I really doubt you'll be disappointed by this. Forget the over-hyped big names, this is the rock album of 2008 so far.
[MYSPACE] - Available Through Shock -
Buy Online from [$24.10]

Out Now
Bad Religion drummer Brooks Wackerman’s latest musical project, Kidneys, sees him stepping out from behind the drum throne and taking over guitar and vocal duties. Written and recorded almost entirely by the man himself, Kidneys is quite a step away from his work drumming for bands like Bad Religion and Suicidal Tendencies, and brings a progressive influence to bands such as The Descendents and Elvis Costello. The self titled CD is really very musically impressive, with some moments of brilliance in songs such as “De Lemur” and “Apathy” which really show the progressive and musical side of the band, while maintaining a poppy hook to keep things engaging, whereas songs such as “Idiot” and “Her” showcase the potential and strength of the band’s quieter and more laid back ballads. “The Engine” is irrefutably catchy, and is an undeniable highlight, with its riffy sing-along chorus. Probably the biggest hurdle to climb for a lot of listeners will be the vocal style, which is a little unconventional, but quite unique, and becomes very endearing after a few spins. While this release won’t appeal to everyone, it should leave a good proportion of listeners very pleased with the results..
[MYSPACE] - Available Independently -
Review By James Green

Out Now
'A Year, Two Months, Sixteen Days And Counting' is this five track EP from these Brisbane lads. Building a strong reputation on their live show, now it's time to do so on disc. This one will appeal to the indie crowd most of all, lengthy tracks that you'll need some patience and be in the right mood to get through as they do tend to drag a little. Production is perfect for the style, and they have a unique / creative take on the sound they are offering. Full points in that department, it's great to hear bands going for their own sound rather than simply imitating their influences. As much as that had me trying to get into it, i just found the dragging out become a little too much and couldn't find that spark that would have me itching to come back for another listen.
[MYSPACE] - Available Through Starving Kids -
Buy Online from Starving Kids Records

Out Now
A long time coming is this new full length from Melbourne via Perth pop act The Hampdens. They released three singles before dropping the album, so anticipation has been high. They write songs that really create an atmosphere, laying their cards out on the table, you know pretty quickly if it's your thing or not. To my ears they have that instant hit of 'something special'. Not the music you'd listen to as you prepare for a big night out, more so a lazy Sunday afternoon. Susannah Legge's vocals are the main focal point, they draw you in with an instant warmth, go deeper and you'll find some solid lyrics and crafty musicianship. If soothing pop is your thing, The Hampdens should be on your radar, they continue to prove that there really is 'something in the water' over in Western Australia. Solid album that deserves attention.
[MYSPACE] [WEBSITE] - Available Through Warner -
Buy Online from [$22.84]

Out Now
A collection of B-Sides and previously unreleased material from Melbourne's Kisschasy. Most of the material comes from their long out of print early EP's 'Darkside / Stay Awake' and 'Cara Sposa' which built the platform for the band. Opening up with 'Darkside', in my opinion, the bands best track they've laid down, the closing track is also 'Darkside' in acoustic mode though, where it works just as well. Fan favourite's like 'Anger Is The Brand New Thing' and 'Resolution Wednesday' also appear, as does their Gin Blossoms cover 'Hey Jealousy' and b-sides from successful singles 'Do Do's & Whoa-Oh's' and 'The Shake'. 'Wake.Sleep.Turn. Repeat' is the highlight of the 3 previously unreleased tracks. A great way for new fans to hear older stuff, and older fans to relive the earlier days. Win Win situation really.
[MYSPACE] [WEBSITE] - Available Through EMI / Virgin -
Buy Online from [$22.24]
SYDNEY - Big Top, Luna Park - 31st May, 2008
May 31st sees the return of Story of The Year to Sydney, a little over 2 years since their last Australian headlining shows with Flogging Molly. Armed with a brand new album many have hailed as a return to form after the poorly received 'In the Wake of Determination', it’s safe to say there is anticipation in the air. Walking into Big Top I notice the upstairs area has been closed off, and the bar moved downstairs to accommodate a lesser capacity, which I found a little disheartening given the rave reviews emanating from their Hordern Pavilion shows two short years before.

Local band The Mission in Motion are first up, and don’t disappoint with a tight set showcasing songs from their EP 'The Window', and in the process manage to clearly demonstrate the fan base they have built in recent times, getting a good portion of the slowly building crowd moving.

Up next is The Audition, who I had seen barely a year before when they supported New Found Glory, and who I had found quite entertaining that night. Tonight though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something seemed very off. The sound was very muddy, which can’t have helped matters, and lead singer Danny Stephens’ overly polished dance moves that looked like they’d been practiced in front of the bathroom mirror with a hairbrush in hand probably didn’t help their cause, except with the teenage girls. On the amusing side however, the guitarist Seth Johnson’s questioning of the security’s coordination skills in catching, or rather failing to catch crowd surfers brought a smile. Leaving the stage 15 minutes before their scheduled set time finished, safe to say I was a little disappointed.

For those who have never witnessed Story of the Year in the live arena, it’s hard to describe. It’s safe to say that the songs come into a complete other life on stage, accompanied by back flips and other aerial manoeuvres performed by 5 dudes who appear as though this is what they live for. The lights dim, and the backing track begins, before the band appears and Big Top explodes with the sounds of “And the Hero Will Drown”, from their breakthrough debut album, the critically acclaimed 'Page Avenue'. The set list for the night has a good even spread from all three releases, with old favourite's like “Until the Day I Die” and “Sidewalks” mixed in with heavier songs like “Our Time Is Now” and also a good balance from 'The Black Swan' like the title track, and the current single “Wake Up”. Front man Dan Marsala is thoroughly engaging with his stage presence, and also multitalented, taking over drums during a portion of “Meathead”. Finishing the sweat laden and encore-less set with crowd favourite, the frenzied circle pit inducing “Is This My Fate?...He Asked Them”, Marsala declares that they’ll see us later this year with Taste Of Chaos. Those of us that were there can’t wait.
Review By James Green
Beer is good, this though, was not.
Like a match with no head, didn't spark a flame.
Not bad, give it a go, might appeal to you.
Solid effort, worthy of a spot in your collection.
The beer can wait, go buy this now!
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Over-produced, generic and hook less power-pop spread across five tracks on this release. Whiney Americanized vocals straight outta Sydney. Hard to find much positive here, very by the book, minus the important part, catchiness. Needs a lot of work.
[WEBSITE] - Out now on Superhappy Records
Duel vocal hardcore assault from New Zealand, no strangers to Australian shores though. Aussie release of this album comes with a couple of bonus tracks. Plenty of fun moments throughout, not something I'd pull out too often, but it sure as hell beats a lot of the so called hardcore that passes my desk. Well worth a look.
[WEBSITE] - Out now on Trial & Error
Quirky pop-rock from this Canadian artist / producer who takes the reigns solo when in the studio, pumping out albums sometimes just months apart. Maybe the Canadian's have a different sense of taste, but I can't really see much in this album, sure there are catchy moments, but not consistently enough to hold my attention.
[WEBSITE] - Out now on Universal
An over the top bio pretty much always means beware shithouse band inside. This "latest sonic assault" from "one of today’s most important metal bands" sounds like a whole bunch of grumble grumble backed by the typical sounds you hear from every third band tackling the metal genre. Where's the creativity and want to be unique.... not here that's for sure.
[WEBSITE] - Out now on Shock
:::::: TRACK BY TRACK ::::::


1. City Of Gainesville
2. The State Of Florida
3. Does the Lion City Still Roar?
4. Summon Monsters
5. Abandon Ship
6. Handshake Meets Pokerface
7. Settling Son
8. Malachi Richter's Liquor's Quicker
9. Golden Age Of My Negative Ways
10. The Space They Can't Touch
11. Conviction Notice
12. This One's Gonna Leave A Bruise
13. The Life Of The Party Has Left The Building
14. Devil In My DNA
Bonus Track
15. Antidote Of The Underdog

:: The Verdict ::
The fact that LTJ have had some of my all time favourite albums in the past, then let us down recently both live & on record probably has me being a bit tough on this so called 'return to form'. Yes this album is better than the last few, but no, it has nothing on Pezcore, Losing Streak, Hello Rockview, and i think in some parts they've tried too hard to re-create the past and it doesn't sound natural, just predictable, however the end of the album does show promise with some solid tracks. Horns are a huge letdown, very little creativity in that department.
"City Of Gainesville" kicks off with a horn line pretty much the same as '9th At Pine' from their 'Losing Streak' album, perhaps the first little trick into having you believe they've done the promised return to the sound that defined them. It's a decent little intro track, a slow start, but familiar in vibe.

"The State Of Florida" blasts into action, a pace that has been pretty rare for LTJ over the last few albums, fast, punky and a nice little guitar solo thrown in. Not bad, let's hope it continues in this fashion and steps up a little more.

"Does the Lion City Still Roar?" is the first single from the album, the whole ska-punk sound is in full effect here, the verses outshine the chorus though, it's pretty lacking in a big chorus, particularly for a single. The horns also are a little too predictable and simple, if used a little better they could really bring out something more in this track.

"Summon Monsters" is another fast paced punk rock track, again let down by cheap / predictable horn lines, for a band that are such prolific songwriters with such a signature sound it can't be easy to keep pumping out winners, and maybe i'm being a little harsh, but this is the kind of song we've heard from the band, many times already, so there just doesn't seem to be an impact, just 'another LTJ song'.

"Abandon Ship" isn't a bad track, but isn't one that becomes memorable either, very run of the mill / going through the motions, has a little bit of everything style wise.

"Handshake Meets Pokerface" is another song that I think is let down by the horns, these kind of horn lines should probably be left buried from 10 years ago, it just adds the wrong flavour to the song in my mind, the kind of horn lines that brand new ska bands start out using, not veteran bands, extra cheese that the song doesn't need.

"Settling Son" kicks off with a promising start, some nice fast paced guitar work, leading into a powerful verse that captures your interest instantly. The pace keeps up throughout the song and we're left with a really solid punk rock track, the chorus could probably be a little bigger, but overall, the band is stepping out of the predictable coat and doing something different with their sound, and it works. One is one of the best so far.

"Malachi Richter's Liquor's Quicker"
has a solid chorus, the rest is a little bit of a letdown however, another one of those 'too predictable' kinda tracks though. Filler at best.

"Golden Age Of My Negative Ways" is a short horn-heavy track, clocking in at 1:40, good for filler, but doesn't really stand out as anything special.

"The Space They Can't Touch" is an upbeat ska-fueled number you can move around to, a track that has a bit of a natural vibe to it, and not a forced attempt to "return to the old sound", and the result is positive.

"Conviction Notice" continues the positive action, another cracker of a song, despite being a little overly repetitive, this one sticks and stands out, one of the better songs we've heard from the band in the last few years.

"This One's Gonna Leave A Bruise" is the album's highlight, a fast, aggressive song that rides on a nice guitar line, solid vocals and a little bit of extra fury from behind the drums for a change. This is the kind of new material we've been longing for for a number of albums.

"The Life Of The Party Has Left The Building" is over with in just 39 seconds, aside from bridging the gap between two solid songs, doesn't have much else purpose.

"Devil In My DNA" continues the trend of impressive songs, it seems they've saved the best streak towards the end, certainly these last few songs are a big step away from the material they've offered on previous releases.

"Antidote Of The Underdog" is the bonus track, and to be honest I can't figure out why it wasn't included in the regular tracklisting, there's plenty of songs it could very easily replace. It's a little bit rawer in sound than the other tracks, which gives it some character, something a few of the early-mid songs were lacking.

:::::: PREVIOUS 2008 LOWDOWNS ::::::
[Monday June 9th] - Less Than Jake, The Night Marchers, Weezer, Kidneys, The Paper And The Plane, The Hampdens, Kisschasy, Ruin Gloria, Antagonist, Hawksley Workman, Johnny Truant. LIVE - Story Of The Year / The Audition / The Mission In Motion.
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[Monday March 24th]
- Pennywise, New Found Glory, Anti-Flag, Broadway Calls, Polar Bear Club, Little Athletics, Levon's Crown, Closure In Moscow, Queens Of The Stone Age, Jim Ward, Dan Mangan, Boom Boom Satellites.
[Monday March 10th]
- Millencolin, Triple J's Hottest 100, The Matches, Saosin, Suburban Movement, Soundwave, Serj Tankian, Young Knives.
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[Monday February 4th]
- The Loved Ones, Chris Walla, Fast Forward - Indie Trax #2, Bullet For My Valentine, Promise Of Redemption, Mae, Enter Shikari, Jack Johnson, Unpaid Debt.
[Monday January 28th]
- Flogging Molly, Vice Pirate, 50 Years Of Australian Rock 'N Roll, Our Last Night, Sherwood, Change!, Pee Approved #4, The Mars Volta, Danny Diablo, The Hampdens, Carpathian, Pee Zine.
[Monday January 21st]
- Horrorpops, Lungs, The Audition, The Contact, Rise Against, Gyroscope, Milloy, The Gaslight Anthem, Dark Skies, Straightjacket Nation, Puddle Of Mudd, Damien Rice.
[Monday January 14th]
- City And Colour, Run! Hide!, Protest The Hero, Teenage Bottlerocket, Dub Trio, Too Pure To Die, Memphis May Fire, The Leap Year, Mindless Self Indulgence, Crapulous Gee Gaw, Liam Finn, Blackpool Lights.