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:::::: APRIL 7th, 2008 ::::::

Out Now
Probably one of my top 3 favourite pop-punk outfits of all time, NUFAN always get me excited when they release something new, they are the masters of the genre, and like any who've been doing it as long as them, there have been a few hiccup moments, but one listen to this album and it's clear the train is still very much on the tracks and chugging along. 'Biggest Lie' opens things up nicely with that familiar punk rock sound, songs like 'Yours To Destroy' and 'Sleeping Between Trucks' mix things up a little sound wise, moving away from the flat out pace and keeping you interested. The foundations of their sound are still very much the same as we've come to know and love, but they are continually trying out new things, and not doing a half bad job of it either. The songs are fun, catchy and ensure their crown is still firmly in their grip and not ready to be passed on just yet.
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April 21st
If it was a giant they birthed last time around, I'd hate to see the monster that they've created this time around, the name and cover speak volumes for this album. This is more than the recommended dose of hardcore/metal than is usually prescribed. The 'Bats have stepped up multiple notches on this album, the riffs are bigger, rawer and more metal. The vocals sound like Liam's chords are about to snap at any moment and the overall delivery is much more in your face / tougher than 'Birthing The Giant' which will no doubt please many, while also attracting some new ears along for the ride. In one and a half minutes the track 'Pray For Darkness' sums up the album perfectly, while the opener 'Hail Destroyer' is the perfect mood setter for what is to become. No excess bullshit trimmings, this is solid as a rock. If you like your music heavy, add this to your "must have" list.
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Out Now
Hard rockin' three piece from London are Zico Chain, their sound for the most part is punk influenced rock 'n roll with a few dashes of grunge thrown into the mixing pot. There's a nice raw vibe about it as their sound bounces around hitting a new wall with every song it seems, they don't sit still on the same spot sound wise. Punk rock one minute, dirty rock the next, then all that comes between. While nothing is groundbreaking or new to the ears, they manage to hold your attention through the whole album, and leave you feeling satisfied, which is all you can ask for really. Fans of hard-rock / grunge / punk rock should take a listen, you probably haven't heard of them yet, so give them a go, you might be impressed.
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Out 7th April
There isn't a band going around at the moment as popular as these guys who have such a contrast between their studio and live sound. While it has improved in the last year or so, the live vocal sound of Patrick Stump is average at best when compared to the obviously tweaked results you hear on cd. So if you are expecting that polished perfect Fall Out Boy, you are going to be disappointed by this one. In between the squeals of teenage girls, and annoying blasts of pyrotechnics, there are the vocal squeals as notes are missed and dropped. Some parts the voice works, but a fair chunk of the stuff the band does is out of his range, so it's just hard to get into. All the predictable crowd favourite's / singles are here, also thrown in is a cover of 'Beat It' clearly not from the same show as you can tell by the massive difference in production, the intro to 'This Aint A Scene' is cringe worthy, after a few lines of Panic At The Disco, king Wentz chimes in with "this ain't that song, this aint that band, it's a god damn arms race", Pete chimes in again with another bad one liner to introduce the stupidly spelt 'Thnks Fr Th Mmrs', stick to running around in circles chasing your tail Pete. I guess the hardcore fan is going to lap up anything that the band does, but there is hardly anything exciting about the cd aspect of this one, if anything it might turn the casual listener off, a pretty average performance.
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Out Now
The final show by punk rock legends Good Riddance has finally made it's way onto cd, with a bang! 31 songs captured to perfection with a great balance of fans / band, which gives you that vibe where you can drift off and just wish you were right there as it happened. You not only get a live album, essentially you are getting a greatest hits package to, well not "hits" in the usual use of the word, "fan favourite's" probably the better term. 'Yesterday's Headlines', 'Flies First Class', 'Out Of Mind', 'Last Believer', 'All Fall Down', 'Mother Superior' and 'Waste', they're all here and they're all highlights. There is no moments where the energy levels slip at all, this is the ultimate in live albums, perfect selection of songs, amazing delivery, you cannot ask for more as a keepsake of this band's career.. well actually you can.. we just need the DVD to be released now! Fingers crossed it pops up somewhere. This band will not be forgotten anytime soon.
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Out Now
Two older mini-albums chucked together on the one disc and re-released from this Canberra outfit The Veebees. Simple three-chord punk rock that you can raise your glass to. Chances are they'll reach out and nab that glass off ya for themselves though. With songs like 'Whaddya Reckon About Me Ute', 'Up The Clyde' and 'Suck Me Off' you know exactly what you are in for. A bit of fun punk rock action minus all the side dishes that every second band these days thinks you need to have a good time. It's raw, offensive and good fun. Just what you should expect from a punk rock band.
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Out Now
Youtube regulars will probably recognize the name, Julia Nunes is a young New Yorker who's great voice, bubbly personality and cleverly edited home made videos have seen a profile develop, rapidly. This is a debut release with a bunch of original tunes and a couple of live ones. A step up from the home recorded Youtube stuff that's got her noticed, (mostly cover versions played on a ukulele). This is a young girl (18 i think) with one hell of a voice, a guitar, and songs that show a lot of potential. 'Into The Sunshine' being the standout track. Don't be surprised if you hear a lot more from this girl this year. Well worth checking out some of the popular videos on her Youtube channel.
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Out Now
Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has them, blah blah blah.. There's plenty of reasons why this is the most talked about album right now, and you either love it, or hate it with a passion. The band burst onto the scene with a signature sound, that very quickly got old fast, so first up, I have to applaud the band for realizing this, and taking a different direction, usually that'd mean a slight change, but for these guys, simply forget what you know, this album is nothing at all like their debut. A move that could make them, or break them. Will the hordes of underage fans understand what's going on as they suddenly take a turn down Beatles lane? Probably not, but the album is poppy enough to keep the majority of them on board, and might even have a few of them asking their parents to pull out 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band'. Maybe they'll start wearing flowers instead of mascara? Anyway, if some unknown band had released this album, it'd probably be earning a heap of praise from all angles, but because of who it is, and their dramatic change in sound, I don't think too many have gone into it with a clear mind and begun looking instantly for ways to write it off. Sure they're doing their best to come up with something The Beatles would have, and they're wearing the full outfit, not just a slight influence on their sleeve, but by golly I'd much rather bands try and do that sound rather than half the crap they are attempting these days. It takes quite a few listens, but through the fog, eventually you can see the light of what is a pretty damn good album. Don't be too quick to write it off without giving it time to grow on you.
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~~~ FIRST LOOK ~~~

April 14th
Very much a punk-rock super group, Chris and Scott Shifflett have been busy of late with their other bigger projects, but have found the time to rope in Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins to help them out with this second album for Jackson United. Chris of course plays in Foo Fighters and Scott in the recently re-united (for how long we don't know) Face To Face. They play punk influenced rock music that is very easy on the ear, you can tap along, sing the choruses and have a good time in doing so. A bit more solid than their debut effort, but you'd hope so, given that this one was a couple of years in the making. Chris get's his chance to be a frontman, and handles the job with ease, he has a great voice. The album will appeal to many kinds of ears, so give it a go, chances are you'll dig.
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Beer is good, this though, was not.
Like a match with no head, didn't spark a flame.
Not bad, give it a go, might appeal to you.
Solid effort, worthy of a spot in your collection.
The beer can wait, go buy this now!
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I'm guessing this is one of those bands that the indie crowd and media will hype up to the nines for a few months, they'll tour on one of the big festivals, be huge for 10 minutes then 4 months down the track forgotten about. When you use the same foundation beat for pretty much every song, the sound get's old an on the nerves really fast. Nothing really exciting, disco punk? get off it.
[WEBSITE] - Out Now Through Warner
New single from this Kiwi lad with the famous surname. Currently earning success in the US, this single taken from his recently released album rides along on a fuzzy bass line. Smooth catchy vocals sit on top as the fuzz guides you through. A pretty decent track, not going to change the world, but not going to hurt your ears either.
[WEBSITE] - Out Now Through Liberation
The upbeat and catchy new single from young sensations Paramore, from their highly successful album Riot!, this is the kind of song that can buy them another six months before they need to scoot off and write something new. A solid track that would easily slot into the mainstream and keep them in the public eye for a while to come.
[WEBSITE] - Out Now Through Warner Music
These Melbourne guys are driving the hype train at the moment, seemingly everyone raving about them. Hard to see why though with this single sounding pretty much like every third rate UK pop outfit. Hardly anything fresh or exciting, heard it all before, and it was average then too. That said, it's perfect for radio, they'll over flog it till it becomes even more annoying.
[WEBSITE] - Out May 5th Through Warner

:::::: TRACK BY TRACK ::::::

1 One More Time
2 Get Up
3 Goodbye
4 Without Me
5 If I'm Not Right…(The Only One)
6 War
7 How Do You Do It
8 Bury Me
9 Not Amused
10 Handjobs For Jesus
11 Free Kevin Kjonaas


With this album Goldfinger have done what they promised, a return to the earlier style of ska influenced rock / punk. While 's/t' and 'Hang Ups' won't be topped, this album is the closest they've come to capturing the vibe those releases gave off. If you've taken them off your radar, and dig good fun music, then it's time to put them back on and check out this one. Some of these tracks will go well when mixed in with the hits. Let's see which ones they play when they tour here next month.

"One More Time" will have thousands of Goldfinger fans breathing easy upon first listen. The sound is familiar, taking you back when they were a dominant force, infectious, memorable and a more than positive beginning to the album.

"Get Up", bam!, the Goldfinger we know and love is packed right into this song, ska-punk that isn't full of cheese. Horns appear, the versus just as memorable as the huge chorus that will no doubt have crowds in the palm of their hands. This is what the band has been missing over the last few albums, solid anthems. You can be one of those "ska haters", but you cannot deny that this song is a winner.

"Goodbye", well, we've had the pop-rock, ska punk, now it's time for the familiar punk rock parts to make a quality return to the Goldfinger stable. If we were playing baseball, the pitcher would be sacked, because three home runs have just been hit. Goldfinger light up the scoreboard with "we're back".

"Without Me" is a simple song, with all the right parts to make it solid. It oozes fun, with lyrics that generally wouldn't be associated with fun music, this is the first time you get the chance to listen close to the production values as well, because the first three punches were so solid, this one steps back a little and you can appreciate all the goings on. Great tune.

"If I'm Not Right (The Only One)" slips right back into the ska tinged sounds we heard on 'Hang Ups', the horns make an impact and the vocals take centre stage in a smooth track that will have many many older fans frothing at the mouth. Once again, this is exactly what's been missing the last few albums.

"War" is more rocking number, guitars are beefed up and it's the lyrics that stand out more so than the music, a powerful one lyrically, and when the gang vocals kick in, the song really steps up and it continues to build up to a big ending. Might take a few listens, but when it clicks, you'll be loving it.

"How Do You Do It" is one of those tracks that becomes memorable because of repetition, "how do you do it, how do you put up with me" lodges itself in your head and it's that line that has you remembering the track as a stand out, of course there is a lot more to the song than that line, but it carry's it. Another song you can't fault, it's just solid.

"Bury Me" is a cool power-pop / rock kinda track, different to the rest on the album, probably the closest to the sound found on the last couple of albums, but of better quality. Has it's place on here and fits in well.

"Not Amused" is the album's hardcore'ish song, much like 'The City With Two Faces' on their self titled album. Under two minutes, it's over before you know it. You do have to re-visit it a few times for it to grow on you. Gang vocals are great, and it keeps the variety coming.

"Handjobs For Jesus", you are going to love or hate this one, to me I don't really think it fits in this album, it just stands out as too different, Goldfinger aren't a "serious" band by any means, but this track comes across as a bit too novelty at times, but then there are moments of pure genius that appear in it. Maybe I need a few more listens, i'm not sure, but I think it's make more a great b-side type track or one for a compilation, it doesn't really seem to slot in with the vibe the rest of the album is giving off.

"Free Kevin Kjonaas" is another powerful track, both lyrically and musically, obviously has heaps of meaning and about a situation close to their hearts. Good track, made to create awareness, it worked on me, I went to read up on the whole thing, something I'd imagine most who listen will do.

Thrown on the end as a secret track is "My Julian", a short acoustic number, obviously directed to John's son Julian. You'd think someone with so much songwriting experience could come up with something a little better than this? surely.. heck, "Mable" got a cracker all those years ago, I reckon Julian gets a little short changed here. Surprised it actually made the cut, even as a hidden track.

:::::: PREVIOUS 2008 LOWDOWNS ::::::
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