Riding the gravy train of support after support, One Dollar Short are now up to their 3rd EP "Press And Hold" I caught up with them midway through the Bodyjar tour after which they go in to demo tracks for an album and play the summer festivals. Here's what happened.

  Interview with One Dollar Short! Questions by Bomber

You've taken a short break from the live scene after non stop touring, besides working on the EP, what have you been up to?

Mick - We took a little bit of time off after we finished the Frenzal tour to catch up on sleep and stuff like that, but apart from that we have been really busy working on new songs and demoing stuff.

After playing the major cities time and again, you got the chance to hit regional towns with Frenzal and The Caddies, how did that help you as a band?

Mick - Doing the regional shows was what made the Frenzal tour so appealing for us. We got a chance to play to a bunch of people that we would never normally play to. It was a good experience for us.

You've now given us three EP's, when can we expect the album, and what can we expect from it?

Mick - Early next year… And you can expect about 12-14 tracks of our music.

You were part of a compilation in the states "Collect All Four" have you had much response from the international audience?

Mick - Yeah, we have had a good response from that split. Some kids have emailed us asking when we are playing next, and we have to explain that we are from Australia.

Your lyrics seem to follow a pattern of life adventures, good times and reality, describe the songwriting process and influence, and has latest recruit Michael had an impact of the new tracks your writing?

Mick - Pretty much all of the tracks on the EP were written before Michael joined. He adds his herbs and spices though. We don’t really have a set process for song writing. That wouldn’t work for us.

Have you found it hard to come up with new tracks over the past year with all your touring commitments or are you able to come up with new material on the road?

Adam - When we rest between touring and recording is when we write new tracks. We have set days at practice to write, so we are always giving it a go to write new stuff

The new EP "Press And Hold" contains a few potential singles, which tracks to you plan to focus on or will you leave that up to what the radio plays?

Adam - Well, Fingerprints is the main track. We just did a new clip for that one but otherwise, we’ll just leave it up to the radio to see what they want to play.

You've shared the stage with many touring bands now, what has been the highlight of your musical careers so far?

Adam - My highlight would have to be the Frenzal Mad Caddies tour because I have made some great buddies out of it plus those boys know how to drink.

Tell us some of your favorite tour memories to date?

Adam - Offshore was great,The arena with The Atari's,Frenzal/ mad caddies tour.No fun at all was tops too

You're a band that knows its the support of the kids that has got you to where you are today, you're always out with the fans after a show signing stuff and chatting, do you feel this has contributed to your popularity?

Adam - Of course ,We all don't mind a chinwag, especially Scott.E. He’s awesome with the younger fans

Your now known pretty much all over the country, when you tour where do you get the best crowd response and why do you think it's so?

Adam - QLD is our best response or Newcastle ,im not sure why…

The pop punk sound is becoming quite popular of late, what bands do you think have pioneered this movement and how much of an influence on you have they been?

Adam - That’s a hard one, id say the Atari's and Blink have made pop punk a bit bigger, we respect them but we don’t write songs to sound pop punk, we just write what ever comes out and if it sounds pop punk so be it.

Everyone in ODS is influenced by different styles of music and have come from different backgrounds, how do you come up with a sound that is neutral to everyone?

Scott - that can be very tough, like you said we have 5 guys who appreciate different styles of music they like to listen to and more importantly like to play. So writing songs that each of us like can be a tough task. It's a democracy, so we decide between us on which songs to play. I think we are continuing to develop our own sound.

If you got to choose one band you'd like to do a month long tour with, who would you choose?

Scott - We have been fortunate enough to have toured with some great bands over the last year. A band I would love to tour with would have to be "Two timer" purely for the fact that they are one of my favorite bands, but I'd love to tour with "Social Distortion" too because they are another favorite but also because I would get to met and hang out with "Mike Ness"..

Give us the rundown on what we should expect from ODS in the next year?

Scott - Ummm well the next year for us is to continue to play, tour, practice and focus creatively on writing songs for our upcoming debut album, which is the next big project for us as a band.

You've supported and been supported by bands all over Australia, who do you think will make an impact on the scene is the future?

Scott - Thats tough, they're are so many good bands, awesome bands out there locally and nationally. I think Melbourne band "Underside" are a band to keep your eye on. Great guys and a great band.

Any words of advice to young bands out there looking to follow in the steps of ODS..?

Scott - That depends on what you want to achieve with your band. Write songs that you want to write and don't let negativity affect you personally, you can never please everyone all the time and not everyone will understand you as a person either. If you want to try and go all the way, be patient, as the saying goes "you have to crawl before you walk"… .

For more info on the band check out www.onedollarshort.com And www.rapido.com.au


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