Name :

Band :

.Spod - Consisting of Spod & the Spodemonic Dance Team: A-Blade & Krylon.

Location : .2131.

Job In Band :
.Champion of Radness.

Time In Band :


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First Job :
.Diamond polisher in a shopping centre.

First Band Name :
.Jizm, till we found out theres a Japanese girly pizunk band with that name, and what it ment.. il!.

First Music Purchase :
.Hmmm… First rekkid given to me was a tie between Mickey by Toni Basil & AC/DC - Back in Black. First rekkid bought was Ice T - Power, That cover got me thru adolescence.

First Gig You Attended :
.I think it was Tone Loc & Collette @ the Hordern, or maybe Public Enemy @ the Hordern.. It broke my hizeart when the kids started pelting Collette with bottles. Tone Loc cut the show short in disgust….

First Kiss (Where, When & Who) :
.Kelly Randall’s party, Year 5, Sarah Findlayson. She was all about gettin’ with high school boys n I was all about my reflex sk8board. The bottle pointed, and she turned me into a man-child. Her tongue scared me in a good way.

First Run In With The Law :
.A gunfight in the school playground, no one takes my Rocksteady Crew tape, fo’ real.


Fave Possession : .My drum machine. It’s been with me since the beginning and I love it like a limb.

Fave Band/Bands :
.Further, Warped, The Nation Blue, The Emergency, TheHead, The Night Terrors, Decoder Ring, godheadSilo (the original and BEST two piece band, rekognize!), Prince, Ween, JT, Public Enemy (pre 91), Ultramagnetic MC’s….

Fave Show You've Played :
.Every showz a winner baby, thatz tha truth! But the Warped show @ the Tote in June 03 was totally killer. Or the show with The Nation Blue & Further, as that advanced my soul.

Fave Venue You've Played :
.The Annandale in Sydney is my spiritual home. I was getting showz there before I should have, REPRAHZEHNT!!! The Tote was rad too.

Fave Drink :
.Carlton Draught & Strawberry Milk, not mixed, coz that’s wrong.

Fave Song Of Your Band :
.That’s a cruel question! I luv em all. At the moment, It’s Totally Rad. That middle section kills me!!! Or Makin’ Party, coz it’s my oldest song and it’s like a brother 2 me.


If you ran into your old school mate and found they were begging on the street, What would you do once you saw them?
.Heavy… I’d give him/her all I could, and find out what happened. Get him/her into a shower, do food and make him/her a roadie or a dancer.

If you could be any soapie/movie character who would you be,and why?
.I’d be Alf Stuart, coz he’s a larrikin with a heart of gold.

If you were in a bar and noticed the partner of your dreams sitting alone and you were given ten words to say to them, what would they be?
.“Helloo… Is it me your lookin’ for???” Lionel Ritchie represent!.

If you weren't in a band, what would you be doing right now?
.Wishing I was in a bizand.


Who has the worst music taste in the van? And What Is It? .Being a soloist, I rarely get with van akshun. 2003 yall, get with aeroplanes!!!!! My headphones never fail! I’m driving to Melbourne for the Magic Dirt show, and me & the girlz have the raddest music taste. But if I was gonna make a prediction, it’d be A-Blade & her Bruce Willis 7” of Respect Yo’self..

Who has the most toilet stops?
.We don’t toilet for we sweat 2 much.

Who is the worst behaved in the van?
.Probably the ghost.

Who produces the worst "van smells"?
.The van itself.

Who parties the hardest?
.Probably Andrew W.K..

Who parties the least?
.Probably Will Oldham.

Who gets stuck with the driving?
. The one who loses the arm wrestle.

Embarrasing thing you've done on tour? .Blowing my shortz out @ the Rob Roy in Melbourne this year. The crotch totally blew out, leaving my haggard undiez as the main event. It was a ruggers miniskirt, I’m thinking about selling em @ showz. Cum 2 think of it, that wasn’t embarrassing, but it was full-house-john-stamos-radness!.

Embarrasing thing you've seen on tour?
.The facez of the two girls sitting in the front row looking straight up my ruggers miniskirt. They stayed there the whole show tho, mo’ powa to em!.

Memorable Tour Memory?
.Adilita telling me I’m rad. I nearly cried!.

Memorable Tour Location? And Why
.Ask me again in 6 months… It’s either Melbourne or Sydney right now.


Whats in your stereo right now?
.Prince - Greatest Hits. That’s basically everything he did before 1990. G to the izzenius! Further - Punkrockvampires - I do a guest vocal on that rekkid, trivia rules! ARE Weapons.

The worst lie you've ever told?
.A Spod show isn’t the best thing in the entire world. I feel bad even fo’ repeating that shiznit..

Something You've never told anyone before?
.Never drown in the tears of a clown.

Something no-one knows about one of your bandmates?
.Their true identities and their alter egos.

A word of advice for those playing the pubs on Tuesday nights.
.Anyone who turns up to your shows are more important than you, without ‘em, you’re just another fool on stage by yourself, crying, dreaming of a white xmas & Alyssa Milano in the aforementioned white xmas. Respect your friends who turn up when no one else will and always love what you’re doing coz for all you know, you could totally suck to everyone else. But what do they know anyway….

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