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:::::: Joel - Kisschasy ::::::

Kisschasy are currently touring the east-coast presented by Bombshell, before heading off to the US to mix their album.


Name : Joel Vanderuit
Band : Kisschasy
Job In Band : wannabe guitarist (bass)
Website : www.kisschasy.com
Hometown : balnarring


What's the story behind the name?
it was a totally random name, just popped up one time, we didn't have anything else, so It stuck!

How did the band come together?
Via the disintegration of 2 other bands, who happened to play together just before there demise, and thus decided to make something new

How long has the band been around?
2 and a half yearsish

Briefly describe your sound…
pop with a indie rock dressing

A few influences…
death cab for cutie, nirvana, ac/dc, saves the day

What's your current release? Tell us a little about it…
'cara sposa', it's a 4 track EP, basically used as a tool to bridge the musical gap between our debut release, and our debut album, which is due out later this year


When did you decide you had to be a musician, and how did you go about it?
When I first had the word "rider" explained to me

What was your first band name and what style did you play?
Tenpin, straight up pop punk

Tell us three albums you couldn't live without in your collection…
saves the day "stay what you are",
postal service "give up" and
the getup kids, something to write home about

Best piece of musical advice you've been given…
u can't hire a tarago in Victoria with a towball… get it in sydney

Two groups/artists you'd love to take out on the road…

famous by association and forgetting yesterday

Favourite song of your group?

A song of our new album called the beautiful

The thing you most look forward to just before a tour is…
seeing all my friends that don't live around the corner

The thing you least look forward to before a tour is…
sitting in a car while Darren and our tour manager fight

When your not doing band related stuff, what are you usually found doing?
Playing on computers, playing poker or possibly surfing


What gear do you use?
Ampeg SVT head, and ampeg 8x10 cab. Ernie ball stingray bass.

Favourite place (city/town/country) you've played… and why?
Down south in W.A. call all the people are rad, and so nice. Even the police are cool in w.a.

Favourite venue to perform at… and why?
Roundhouse Sydney was awesome, cos you get a rad band room, and the stage is sick!

Who hogs the stereo in the van the most?
I dunno, I bring my own music… Probably karl I guess.

Who in your group has the worst "bad habit" on tour, and what is it?
Karls "not wearing a top" policy, almost 95% of any tour u can find karl without a top on… makes the rest of us a bit uncomfortable sitting next to him in the van… and he's a lot of man… it's kinda weird

Most embarrassing moment on tour?
Being a witness to anything Darren does whilst not on stage

Give us a good quick 'on the road' story, funny, embarrassing, memorable, whatever…
whilst in w.a., out the back of the amplifier bar, we found a stenciled face on the wall, and it was darrens face. None of us did it, looks like it's been there for ages, but we ( us, last years hero and something with numbers) all freaked when we saw it, it looks so much like him. We have pics… email me, and I'll send them to you!


What's getting the most spins in your stereo right now?
Jimmy eat world 'futures'

Tell us a band or artist everyone should check out and why…
famous by association , they are friends, I saw them the other day, and they were awesome. Great live show, killer songs, and a beautiful voice. Damn damn good

A word of advice to those slugging it out in empty pubs on Tuesday nights…

Drink the small rider u get, as quick as u can… That way ur night won't seem so bad… and u get more than the rest of the band