Name :
.Adam Shaw.

Band :
.Lost City Angels.

Location : .Boston, USA.

Job In Band :
.Being an asshole, and smoking everyones pot .

Time In Band :

.Three years.

: Website Link :

Lost City Angels hail from Boston, USA. Signed to Nitro Records, their latest album is S/T and available now.

Losst City Angels have shared the stage with bands like Social Distortion, The Bosstones, Stiff Little Fingers, Flogging Molly, Andrew WK and many more.

Two Free MP3's on their webpage.


First Job :
.Pot Dealing.

First Band Name :
.United We Stand (oi oi oi!).

First Music Purchase :
.good fucking question.

First Gig You Attended :
.Run DMC.

First Kiss (Where, When & Who) :
.The slums in N. Plymouth Mass, the 80's sometime, Kristy Cabral.

First Run In With The Law :
.I was arrested at age 15 in Plymouth Mass at a Slapshot show.


Fave Possession : .Drumset.

Fave Band/Bands :
.AFI, The Faint, The Bronx, Social Distortion, The Living End, Rancid, The Distillers.

Fave Show You've Played :
.Social Distortion at the House of Blues in Las Vegas.

Fave Venue You've Played :
.Middle East Night club in Boston.

Fave Drink :
.anything with Alcohol works.

Fave Song Of Your Band :
.all of the new shit.


If you ran into your old school mate and found they were begging on the street, What would you do once you saw them?
.I would say look who's laughing now you fuck!.

If you could be any soapie/movie character who would you be,and why?
.Hmmm, Kirsten Dunst, why do you think?.

If you were in a bar and noticed the partner of your dreams sitting alone and you were given ten words to say to them, what would they be?
.Well when you say partner, that places this question somewhere else. IN the states "partner" means someone of the same sex. Hey if he's some fine dude that's supposed to be my partner then shit, I guess "I'm not gay, but if you're my lifemate let's get it together". If you don't mean "partner" in that way then " Girl let's go use thew las tof these ten words in your bed". .

If you weren't in a band, what would you be doing right now?


Who has the worst music taste in the van? And What Is It? .I can actually get down to everyone's music, we all ride along the same tastes.

Who has the most toilet stops?

Who is the worst behaved in the van?

Who produces the worst "van smells"?

Who parties the hardest?

Who parties the least?
.Unheard of.

Who gets stuck with the driving?
.Whoever is the least intoxicated.

Embarrasing thing you've done on tour? .I don't get embarrassed, I make people embarassed.

Embarrasing thing you've seen on tour?
.Some girl showing off her hideous ass tattoos to us and Flogging Molly, and all the dudes let out a sigh of disgust.

Memorable Tour Memory?
.I wish I could tell you.

Memorable Tour Location? And Why
.Any stop in California, because it's la la land, and you can do whatever you want.


Whats in your stereo right now?
.The new Coldplay, Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music split, and disc 2 of the Misfits box set .

The worst lie you've ever told?

Something You've never told anyone before?

Something no-one knows about one of your bandmates?
.Duggan is a closet homosexual.

A word of advice for those playing the pubs on Tuesday nights.
.You better get fucking wasted and make an ass of yourself to get the fuck outta those pubs.

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