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Name : Brent J. Stegeman
Band : Morti Viventi
Job In Band : Guitar
Website : www.mortiviventi.net
Hometown : Melbourne, Australia


What's the story behind the name?

It's Latin for The Living Dead…

How did the band come together?
Sean and Jordan were jamming with Robbie, our then drummer. I'd just moved to Melbourne and joined in. Dion came along later after responding to an ad we placed up at Missing Link. We recorded the EP with Robbie, then recruited Damian - a long time friend and co-consipirator of mine to fill the drum stool.

How long has the band been around?
A year or so, on and off

Briefly describe your sound…
A wall of guitars tuned to the Devil's note.

A few influences…
Ink & Dagger, The Bronx, Drive Like Jehu…

What's your current release? Tell us a little about it…
We recorded it at Birdland Studios in Melbourne with Lindsay Gravina and it was released by Timberyard Records in Sydney. It's called "a.k.a. The Living Dead", is 5 tracks in length, and serves as a taste of what we're capable of. We're about half way through writing the first album, which all going well will be out by March 2006.


When did you decide you had to be a musician, and how did you go about it?
I just play guitar.

What was your first band name and what style did you play?
Us Versus Them. Probably best described as an aural tantrum. I was 16 and knew no better.

Tell us three albums you couldn't live without in your collection…
Swans - The Great Annihilator
The Birthday Party - Junkyard
Frodus - And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea

Best piece of musical advice you've been given…
Trust no-one.

Two groups/artists you'd love to take out on the road…
This Night Creeps & Brisk.

Favourite song of your group?
Roman Polanski Discoteque

The thing you most look forward to just before a tour is…
The shows…

The thing you least look forward to before a tour is…
everything else is a hoax.

When your not doing band related stuff, what are you usually found doing?
I do graphic design under the banner of "Glow-Media", which I guess is my day job. Otherwise I can be found in the back room at Missing Link, slave to a second screen.


What gear do you use?
Marshall JCM 800 modified Lead Series with JCM 800 cab. I play a Les Paul with a Bigsby but it was destroyed thanks to Japan Airlines. I'm also using a Hotcake distortion pedal which I like a lot.

Favourite place (city/town/country) you've played… and why?
Osaka, Japan for it's cozy little "Live Houses". Like a tin of smoked sardines.

Favourite venue to perform at… and why?
610 gallery in Brisbane was a lot of fun the other weekend… otherwise I like the Rob Roy, Pony & Soak in Melbourne.

Who hogs the stereo in the van the most?
Jordan with his Morrisseys and his Cures. Music for lesbians.

Who in your group has the worst "bad habit" on tour, and what is it?
My "ignore" function works just fine.

Most embarrassing moment on tour?

Give us a good quick 'on the road' story, funny, embarrassing, memorable, whatever…
10 minutes before opening for the Dillinger Escape Plan at the Gaelic Club in Sydney, I open my guitar case to discover it smashed to bits. Am forced to play a Fender Jagstang, which basically sounds like it's being played inside a tin can. I break two strings with no backup and Garth's channel switch packs it in. I limp off stage, wounded. The End.


What's getting the most spins in your stereo right now?
Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
This Night Creeps - The Noise Of Music
Party Of Helicopters - Please Believe It

Tell us a band or artist everyone should check out and why…

This Night Creeps from New Zealand - too much talent for one band!

A word of advice to those slugging it out in empty pubs on Tuesday nights…
Why isn't there anyone at your show? It's Tuesday night you fucking suck. Quit now.