Name :
.Carl Jackson.

Band :
.Wishful thinking.

Location : .Melbourne.

Job In Band :
.Vocals, Guitar, songwriting.

Time In Band :

.A long time.

: Website Links :

: New CD:
Standing Still



First Job :
.Checkout at K-Mart.

First Band Name :

First Music Purchase :
.Weezer’s Blue Album.

First Gig You Attended :
.A band called Bush Leage, when I was in the U.S.A. They were metal and the best thing since sliced bread.

First Kiss (Where, When & Who) :
.A girl named Melissa, I was 14 years old, at a friends party.

First Run In With The Law :
.Me and some friends were caught vandalising. Got a slap on the wrists and a weeks grounding.


Fave Possession : .My C.d. collection. 250+.

Fave Band/Bands :
.Green Day, Ace Troubleshooter, Weezer, the Beatles, Good Charlotte, NOFX, etc….

Fave Show You've Played :
.A freeza Show with Antiskeptic & Fido in Hidelberg. Great crowd. We stopped singing and let the crowd sing along….. Rock Stars! .

Fave Venue You've Played :
.The Arthouse, Melbourne.

Fave Drink :

Fave Song Of Your Band :


If you ran into your old school mate and found they were begging on the street, What would you do once you saw them?
.Tell them that busking would be a better way to spend their time. Give them as much money as I could spare. Then leave them in peace.

If you could be any soapie/movie character who would you be,and why?
.Mossimo from “The Bold and the Beautiful.” He’s mysterious and has a great beard…… not that I watch Soap opera’s.

If you were in a bar and noticed the partner of your dreams sitting alone and you were given ten words to say to them, what would they be?
.Have you heard of wishful thinking? They are heaps Rad!.

If you weren't in a band, what would you be doing right now?
.Raising a family.


Who has the worst music taste in the van? And What Is It? .Me! A band called Pedro the Lion. No one in the band likes them but me.

Who has the most toilet stops?
.Me also.

Who is the worst behaved in the van?
.We’re all pretty well behaved.

Who produces the worst "van smells"?
.Definitely our bass player, Carlos. Unless my wife’s in the Car, then she would kick all our butts.

Who parties the hardest?
.Leigh our Drummer. He never sleeps when there’s fun to be had.

Who parties the least?
.Me, I’m getting to old for shenanigans.

Who gets stuck with the driving?
.Carlos mostly, but that’s usually coz he likes it.

Embarrasing thing you've done on tour? .Dunno.

Embarrasing thing you've seen on tour?
.Our bass player in very little clothing.

Memorable Tour Memory?
.We laugh a lot on tour. I don’t remember what we were laughing at but this one time we were in hysterics over something. It was in Adelaide…..and it was funny…..yeah.

Memorable Tour Location? And Why
.! Good friends, good crowds and good promoters. S.A. is always a blast.


Whats in your stereo right now?
.Ben Lee - Hey You, Yes You.

The worst lie you've ever told?
.I open mouth kissed a horse once!.

Something You've never told anyone before?
.I open mouth kissed a horse once.

Something no-one knows about one of your bandmates?
.Our Drummer Likes Progressive Metal.

A word of advice for those playing the pubs on Tuesday nights.
.No matter how many people show up, play like there’s a crowd of 15’000 in front of you.

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