Name :
.Simon O'Gorman.

Band :

.Day of Contempt.

Location : .Adelaide.

Job In Band :

Time In Band :

.3 months.

: Website Links :

: New CD:
'See Through The Lies'

Currently On Tour
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First Job :
.tattoo victim.

First Band Name :

First Music Purchase :
.pennywise - self titled.

First Gig You Attended :
.ten foot pole at the powerstation auckland.

First Kiss (Where, When & Who) :
.mum every morning before school.

First Run In With The Law :
.throwing rocks at police cars.


Fave Possession : .my "fish" sunnies.

Fave Band/Bands :
.AFI, Throwdown, Hatebreed.

Fave Show You've Played :
.Mt Gambier.

Fave Venue You've Played :
.The underground.

Fave Drink :
.royal crown cola.

Fave Song Of Your Band :
.whoa - too hard haha.


If you ran into your old school mate and found they were begging on the street, What would you do once you saw them?
.haha back in west auckland they wouldnt bother to beg, they'd just break your nose then take.

If you could be any soapie/movie character who would you be,and why?
.it would have to be arnie - the greatest actor in the history of cinema.

If you were in a bar and noticed the partner of your dreams sitting alone and you were given ten words to say to them, what would they be?
.this hunk of meat's all yours, come and get it.

If you weren't in a band, what would you be doing right now?
.nothing good .


Who has the worst music taste in the van? And What Is It? . i dont know - my avril lavigne and nelly fertado collection seems to get on peoples nerves a bit .

Who has the most toilet stops?
.no stops allowed thats why drinks come in reuseable bottles .

Who is the worst behaved in the van?
.after the next tour i'll definitely secure that crown.

Who produces the worst "van smells"?
.yeah i can safely take the credit for that one .

Who parties the hardest?
.tommy d lives large on and off tour.

Who parties the least?
.you know us straightedge guys, a glass of milk and a good nights sleep is all we're looking for.

Who gets stuck with the driving?
.tommy d aka the driving machine.

Embarrasing thing you've done on tour? .thats not how it works - the stupider the stunt the better.

Embarrasing thing you've seen on tour?
.yeah what happens on tour stays on tour hey... haha.

Memorable Tour Memory?
.i'm the new kid they just threw me in the deep end with the interview.

Memorable Tour Location? And Why
.Mt Gambier... its my only tour location with DOC so far, but its all good.


Whats in your stereo right now?
.AFI sing the sorrow.

The worst lie you've ever told?
.its just small because its cold.

Something You've never told anyone before?
.i cried at the end of titanic... nah.

Something no-one knows about one of your bandmates?
.steve left behind his professional snooker career to join DOC.

A word of advice for those playing the pubs on Tuesday nights.
.start a hardcore band there's loads of money in it, and chicks dig it.

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