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:::::: Trev - Youthinasia ::::::

Youthinasia's brand new EP is available now instores and online at www.peerecords.com

Name : Trev
Job In Band : Lead Guitar. Booking. Drinking. Ranting
Website : www.yiamusic.com
Hometown : Brantford, Ontario Canaduh


What's the story behind the name?
When we were 17 we sponsored and underprivileged Mongolian child named Xiu Zang. Long story, short is that his mother hooked up with a wealthy local warlord, who took a liking to us and invested large sums of coin into our band. So basically in memory of little Xiu and his family, we called ourselves YOUTHINASIA.

How did the band come together?
Small town boredom coupled with a mutual enthusiasm for drugs and drink and punk rawk. 8. How long has the band been around? We be kickin it old skool since nine-nine YO! Fo real. G-money.

Briefly describe your sound…
We've been compared to lagwagon, nofx, rufio, sum 41 and Van Morrison. Mostly Van Morrison

A few influences…
Van Morrison

What's your current release? Tell us a little about it…
We'll we have a six-song E.P. we call "E.P" The album cover looks like Steven Spielberg's Movie E.T. We we're hoping Universal would launch a big lawsuit against us and get us in the papers. It almost happened but then they realized that we're a bunch of poor losers. Asides from that its really cool. Its got a good So-cal feel to it that'll take you back 10 years. PEE RECORDS was gracious enough to release it for us in Australia. They're super cool and I think I have a man crush on Pete Pee.


When did you decide you had to be a musician, and how did you go about it?
I think I always knew that I wanted to play guitar ever since I saw Back to the Future. You know the part near the end of the movie where Michael J. Fox has to fill in for the band at the school dance. When I was 5 I would watch that part and air-guitar to it. I think I really made the decision when I was accepted to a few different universities for all these math and science programs and I thought "Do I really want to do this?" So I ended up turning down the offers got a day job and haven't looked back since.

What was your first band name and what style did you play?
My first band started when I was 13. My neighbour had bought an old pearl drum kit at a garage sale and talked me into getting a shitty Vantage guitar and a little practice Traynor amp. We recruited a few more friends and talked them into getting a bass and guitar and started writing songs. We'd basically played punk rock songs, but since the rest of the guys we're into grunge we'd have to play really really slow. The songs never had lyrics or titles so we'd be at practice and it would be like, "Play song 2" or "play song 7" It was good though. We never did decide on a name though…

Tell us three albums you couldn't live without in your collection…
I don't think I could decide. I'd want them all. But my top 3 favorites lately have been
Rise Against- Siren Songs for the Revolution.
Belvedere (wicked Canadian band) - Fast Forward Eats the Tape and
Minor Threat - Complete Discography

Best piece of musical advice you've been given…
"Never Give Up" - El Hefe from NOFX

Two groups/artists you'd love to take out on the road…
The Spicolis. Their our friends and we party like motherfuckers when we play with them. I can even imagine what a whole tour would be like with them. After that I'd say Sum 41 cause those guys know how to have fun.

Favourite song of your group?
I don't listen to us. Except when I'm fucking. There's no better ego boost than that.

The thing you most look forward to just before a tour is…
Quitting my day job and finally being done with booking it.

The thing you least look forward to before a tour is…
Waking up in the van with Jarvis' pudgy face inches from my own.

When your not doing band related stuff, what are you usually found doing?
Looking at porn online. I've only recently got back into that though. When I was younger the technology just wasn't there. Now with faster P.C.'s and internet connections, it's a point and click disaster.


What gear do you use?
Well I'm excited cause in two weeks my music store is having a sale and i'm picking up a mesa-boogie dual rectifier. I picked up a sweet Gibson gothic flying V at the same sale two years ago. I use that live and then I have an Ibanez RG and my original Vantage.

Favourite place (city/town/country) you've played… and why?
Hmm. That's tough cause different cities have different qualities. Calgary was good last time. We played during the Stanley Cup play-offs last year and they close down their main street after the game and everyone just parties. Toronto's always good too because we always stop at Albert's for some Jamaican Cuisine.

Favourite venue to perform at… and why?
The Vans Warped Tour. 7 stages 80 bands. Post show BBQ. = goodtimes

Who hogs the stereo in the van the most?
Our stereo's been broken ever so we usually just sing barbershop quartet. We cover a lot of the B sharps. Mainly "Baby on Board"

Who in your group has the worst "bad habit" on tour, and what is it?
Jarvis. He's always leaving dead hookers in hotel rooms.

Most embarrassing moment on tour?
Banger in downtown Montreal last May. Three 40oz deep. Standing on a 3-foot tall concrete block, butt-ass naked screaming "I'm hot!!! I'm Haawwwtttt!!!"

Give us a good quick 'on the road' story, funny, embarrassing, memorable, whatever…
In Vancouver we broke up this girls blind date. We we're asking her and her date for directions and we ended up convincing her to let us all sleep in her bedroom at her parent's house. We had to be real quiet so we didn't wake up her mommy.


What's getting the most spins in your stereo right now?
Van Morrison

Tell us a band or artist everyone should check out and why…
Belvedere. www.belvederepunk.com You'll find out why.

A word of advice to those slugging it out in empty pubs on Tuesday nights…
Offer handjobs on your flyers.