Name :
.Joel Core.

Band :

Location : .Sydney.

Job In Band :

Time In Band :

.18 months... And Still The New Guy.

: Website Links :
Coming Soon

: See Them :

21/03 @ Green Square
22/03 @ Kelts Bar
23/04 @ The Backdoor



First Job :
.picking up golf balls at local driving range… for $3 for an hour and a half, 5 nights of the week. (whilst balls were still being hit at us).

First Band Name :

First Music Purchase :
.the earliest cassette i can find is either ‘The Comedy Company’ or ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’.

First Gig You Attended :
.First proper gig was was the red hot chilli peppers/’gurge at the entertainment centre in 95.

First Kiss (Where, When & Who) :
.Does catch and kiss in pre school count?.

First Run In With The Law :
.Sept 1998… went to a show at manly youth centre… hit a parked car… drove off thinking no one saw me… i was wrong.


Fave Possession : .2 bass’s, record/7inch/cd collection.

Fave Band/Bands :
.tenacious d, taking back Sunday, xzibit, the used, avail, elvis costello, hot water music, alkaline trio, foo fighters, afi, kid dynamite, choke, sommerset, get up kids, shai hulud, stretch armstrong, eminem… you get the idea.

Fave Show You've Played :
.Nats 18th birthday at the green square.

Fave Venue You've Played :
.Bar Broadway.

Fave Drink :
.Lemonade - No Ice….

Fave Song Of Your Band :
.inbuilt obsolete.


If you ran into your old school mate and found they were begging on the street, What would you do once you saw them?

If you could be any soapie/movie character who would you be,and why?
.Ford Fairlane… cos he’s so terrifical, he even had his own toll-free number: 1-800-UNBELIEVABLE.

If you were in a bar and noticed the partner of your dreams sitting alone and you were given ten words to say to them, what would they be?
.Cole… did you borrow your sisters ID again?.

If you weren't in a band, what would you be doing right now?
.Who the fuck knows…. .


Who has the worst music taste in the van? And What Is It? .The Apostle (our touring Van) has no tape player/radio/cd player so we don’t listen to music when we go on tour.

Who has the most toilet stops?
.id guess that would be me… i have a bladder the size of a thymble.

Who is the worst behaved in the van?
.We are very well behaved in the van.

Who produces the worst "van smells"?
.Depending on what we all ate at the last petrol station, would determine the winner of that game.

Who parties the hardest?

Who parties the least?

Who gets stuck with the driving?
.Dean Dean the driving machine .

Embarrasing thing you've done on tour? .Gone Porn Shopping in Canberra.

Embarrasing thing you've seen on tour?
.Slippery Roger OR a guy named Denis who set his pubic hair on fire… 2 times… cos he was asked too.

Memorable Tour Memory?
.Giving Gazoonga Attack a Large Inflatable penis, which we had all signed… in appreciation for there help and hospitality.

Memorable Tour Location? And Why
.The Boardroom in Canberra,,, where we saw a guy light his pubic hair on fire.


Whats in your stereo right now?
.Disk 1: Xzibit - Man Vs Machine. Disk 2: Taking back Sunday : Tell all your friends. Disk 3: Boxcar Racer .

The worst lie you've ever told?
.Mum and dad… someone hit my car last night, when i was at a show… .

Something You've never told anyone before?
.My biggest regret in life… is that i missed the last episode of Beverley Hills 90210 .

Something no-one knows about one of your bandmates?
.Ben and aaron stole every single joke they have from 2 sources… The Young Ones and Spinal Tap.

A word of advice for those playing the pubs on Tuesday nights.
.everyones had to do it at one stage or another.

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