So, you want your gig listed, sweet. Please read over the information below to ensure you submit everything correctly. It is a very simple process, however it seems no matter clear it is made, some just don't get it!

You've seen the gig guide, take note of the format the listings are displayed in, and when you submit, stick to that style. Submit in an incorrect format, and chances are it won't make it up on site. If you are submitting bulk listings, you can use the additional info box to add more listings, or e-mail us using the address displayed below, just stick to the format below.

Correct format example:


(23) Headline Band + Support Act + Support Act + Opening Act @ Venue Name, Suburb

Simply replace in the form with the gig details you are submitting. Save everything else for the additional information box.

Incorrect format examples:


23rd Headline Band, Support Act, SUPPORT ACT, Support Act (NSW) @ Venue Name, suburb

Friday 23rd - My Band, Support Act, Headliner @ Venue Name, Suburb

You get the drift...

Also, please make sure your gig is relevant to the types we list. Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Alternative etc...

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