Forming back in 2006 as a bit of a joke / party band, female punk outfit The Coathangers will make their Australian debut in January on an eight show tour. Four albums in, and they’ve just released their latest, ‘Suck My Shirt‘ via Smack Face Records in Australia. They’ll visit Geelong, Melbourne, Hobart, Wollongong, Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane and Toowoomba with tickets available now. This week in The Hotseat, we catch up with Stephanie from the band to answer our questions. Expand this post to take a read of her answers, all the tour info, and a look at a new video clip for the single ‘Drive‘.


Name : Stephanie “Rusty Coathanger”
Band : The Coathangers
Job In Band : Drums and Vocals primarily (but we all switch instruments on stage)

Hometown : Atlanta, Georgia USA.
Hometown is best known for : Coca Cola and it’s indie punk rock scene.
Best venue in your hometown : Star Bar and The Earl.
Favourite show you’ve seen in your hometown : Jay Reatard and Black Lips.
Favourite show you’ve played in your hometown : Our Halloween shows and the past New Years shows we’ve played are always insanely amazing.

How did the band first come to exist? Just started jamming out together in our apartment then slowly progressing by getting more gigs, putting out records thru local Die Slauterhaus and Robs House Record labels… It was a natural progression we then started touring and after a couple years that’s when Suicide Squeeze contacted us and the rest is history baby.
How long has the band been going? Almost 8 years, WOOF! Ha.
Any particular story behind the name? Kinda, but the main idea is just that is signifies the right for anyone to do whatever they want, to choose the life they want with no restrictions.
What’s your most recent release? Tell us a little about it… ‘Suck My Shirt’ is our latest and fourth release via Suicide Squeeze Records (Smack Face in Australia). It’s our first record without our keyboardist as she discontinued playing with the band due to personal reasons. We are all still friends tho so nothing bad, but ya it was our first go at being a three piece so it’s more of a strong rock record for us. It’s mainly just about our personal experiences and life and such. We are very pleased with the turn out.
Got a personal stand out achievement of your band to date? Coming to Australia!!! Wow, what a dream come true!!! We can’t wait to rock y’all’s butts off!!!

What was your first introduction to music that made you think seriously about playing it? We all grew up around music, Julia played piano and classical guitar, Meredith grew up with her brother being in a big rock band, I used to tour manage bands so yeah we were around it all the time. When I moved back from LA (being weary from taking care of other peoples bands) I thought “Hell let’s try and start our own shit, if they can do it why can’t we?” So that’s when we started stealing/buying/borrowing instruments…
Any particular band / album or song that you personally credit as a major influence? Life in General is the major influence, however The Ramones, The Clash, etc all help too.
Your first band name, and what style did you play? It’s always been The Coathangers, punk post punk rock.
Most prized music related item you own? All of it!
When you’re not doing band related stuff, what are you usually found doing? Working at our day jobs or at our local bars in ATL with friends.
The thing you most look forward to just before a tour is… Having a great send off with friends and family because our tours are usually very looonnng.
The thing you least look forward to before a tour is… PACKING OUR BAGS

When on offer, what’s your one must have item on the rider? Booze!!
Favourite place you’ve toured… and why? Everywhere because everyday is a new city and every city offers a completely different experience. We love it all baby!
Most memorable show you’ve played? and why? The ones with our idols like OFF! And Kid Congo and Ian Svenonius, Black Lips, The Growlers, King Khan etc.
Got a favourite song to play live? All of ‘em!
Any embarrassing on stage moments come to mind? Yeah.. but let’s not get into that!
Any pre-show rituals? Group hug and a shot of tequila.
What do you find is the hardest aspect of touring in a band today? Staying sane! Trying to balance home life with tour life. It all works out in the end though and only makes you stronger

Last song you listened to? Kelly Clarkston “Since You’ve a Been Gone” at the coffee shop. I’m in Glasgow.. mooching off their wifi..
Last album you picked up? A Mexican compilation record!
Which band or album is currently on high rotation? Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon, the Growlers and Black Lips.
Tell us an up and coming band or artist you think we should go and listen to right now? Zoners, Dasher, Cousin Dan.
What’s on the cards for the next few months for the band? More touring until March and trying to write new songs for another record.

You can pick any one album for your band to cover in full, what would it be and why? Black Out by Britney Spears because yes!
You can pick any one band / artist to cover one of your albums in full, what would it be, and why? Britney Spears because yes!
One band you wish you were able to see live but never had the chance? The Ramones, Refused, At the Drive In.
One venue you have yet to play that you would love to? Your basement!
The chance comes up to fill in for a member of a band for one tour, which band would it be, and why? Don’t think I’d have the talent but I’d love to fill in for Braun the drummer of Mastodon because it’s one of our favorite bands and friends and it would be amazing to play to that many people.

Got any final words? Our Australian tour dates below!!! We can’t wait for Australia! Thanks so much!!!


15th – Barwon Club, Geelong [18+]
16th – The Tote, Collingwood [18+]
17th – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart [18+]
21st – RAD, Wollongong [18+]
22nd – Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney [18+]
23rd – Great Northern, Byron Bay [18+]
24th – Trainspotters, Brisbane [18+]
25th – Spotted Cow, Toowoomba [18+]

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