On November 8th, Blood Rock Fest will be held at The Rosemount Hotel in Perth for it’s 7th installment. Featuring over 20 punk / hardcore / heavy / acoustic / ska bands between 2 stages. This year, WAM has jumped on board and are including Blood Rock Fest as part of the 2014 WAM Festival, which means free entry for WA Music Conference pass holders. The line up features Dead City Ruins, Chainsaw Hookers, Leeches, Billings Method, Ben David, Flowermouth, Them Sharks, Newski Prospekt, The Bob Gordons, Blindspot, Blackwitch, Muscle Car, At The Space Jam, Beerfridge, Child, Emu Xperts, Amberdown, Alex The Kid and Idle Eyes. For more information, visit [Here].

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