Last month saw Adelaide’s Heath Anthony release his new EP ‘Whiskey Monday‘ through Open Grave Records. This week he will begin his tour to launch the release. The tour will feature shows in Newcastle this Wednesday night, Brisbane on Friday, followed by Hobart, Melbourne and Adelaide. Along the way he will share stages with the likes of Jamie Hay, Donnie Dureau, Adeline Pines, Chasing Ghosts, Josh Mann, Mara Threat and more. This week Heath tells us more about the EP via our On The Record questions. Expand this post to take a read of his answers and see all those tour details.


Tell us about the release title.
I wanted to keep it simple on this one the title of this one comes from the 1st track. This song is about drinking and the spiral some people get stuck in.

Tell us about the artwork.
The ever-amazing Annie Walter completed the art for this one. I gave Annie the EP title and let her have free range on it. She came back with a couple of ideas but we agreed on the one you all see now. If you ever need any art best be hitting up Annie!

What format/s will it be released on and how will it be packaged?
At this stage it will be release as a digital download and a digi-pak hard case for those who still like to get something they can hold and feel like they are getting something for their hard earned cash.

Who will it be released through, and when?
This is being released through a local independent label in Adelaide called Open Grave Records. This is a newer label but they have a lot of exciting things on the cards. This one came out through them on the 18th July!

Tell us about the studio and why you chose to record there?
This was recorded with Alex Upton AKA DR Zeds. I chose to record with Alex through hearing his previous recording for Tim & Dan’s Brown Note Split EP. I was a big fan of the full sound he was able to produce for a solo artist with minimal instruments. I wanted it to sound as close to the live show as possible, no added effects that you will never see me play live. This was a home studio and a really relaxed comfortable atmosphere for recording.

Tell us about the producer / engineer and why you chose to record with them?
Alex is an absolute legend. I didn’t know him as well when I first went into record but that didn’t matter made me feel at home. He is also an absolute perfectionist and that is a bonus in this industry.

Did you go into the writing process with a clear direction in mind?
No I never really have a defined direction as such when it comes to writing. I tend to come up with a few riffs and piece together a full song. Then from here I will start to fill with lyrics. These songs are all individual stories from events I have read about or been apart of.

Were you listening to anything in particular during the writing / recording process that influenced the songs at all?
To be honest I tend to listen to a lot of different music while writing. I’m always looking for new music and not always listening to the same music! So I couldn’t say exactly what but I could guarantee that Violent Soho had been playing at some point in time through this process.

Were there any albums you were referencing to aim for a certain type of sound production wise?
I guess It would have had to of been Tim Hampshire & Dan raw’s recent splits they recorded. The 1st time I heard them I thought that is the sound I want simple and full.

How long did you spend in the studio recording?
This was a relatively quick recording it spaced out over a couple of months but in total it would have been 4 days of solid recording. But this was planed to be a really stripped back recording and if it took longer than that I would have had to question what the heck was I doing wrong.



Tell us a little about the recording process the band used?
Well as it was only myself it was easy, turn up at Alex’s place talk a bit of shit about the night before. Then plug in and get started, let Alex work his magic and piece it all together. As I’m a solo artist I tend to work to my own time so that did make it interesting recording a couple of the tracks!

Was this any different to previous processes you have used?
Heck yes, I previously recorded in a big studio and I was not a fan. Where I recorded they kind of took over and the whole EP went in a different direction to where I saw it going. Don’t get me wrong it sounded great but I just wasn’t me. I definitely prefer I more comfortable environment and doing it the way I want.

Any guests involved? if so, who.. and what did they do?
No guest as such just a little bit of shacker at the end of Whiskey Monday courtesy of Alex.

Any particular equipment outside your usual live gear used in the process?
No, well I was sober does that count?

Any memorable studio moments?
This may sound clichéd but the whole experience was memorable. Form the giant buckets of tea drunk, all the way to the that one guitar part that you just can never get right, no matter how pissed off at yourself you get.

Any additional tracks recorded that didn’t make the cut but may see the light of day sometime?
No not yet I did however flip a coin to decide what the final track was to record and I‘m still not sure if it was the right decision. So there is a high possibility of a couple of tracks for a split coming up.

What track/s are you most looking forward to playing live?
I look forward to playing Mrs Koma is coming it’s a simple quiet song that really gets the emotion out of me when I play it and has a nice build up to the final chorus. It’s also good to play to calm down a rowdy room.

How would you compare the final product to previous releases?
100% how I wanted it to be! And probably the most professional sounding and looking release I have ever done thanks to the team at Open Grave Records.

Anything else you want to say or about the release?
I just hope everybody likes it!

heath anthony - whiskey monday

HEATH ANTHONY – ‘Whiskey Monday
Available now on Open Grave Records.
Order your copy now [Here]
6th – Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle [18+] w/ Adeline Pines, Spencer Scott, Ben Leece
8th – The Underdog, Brisbane [18+] w/ Hanny J, Jarrah, Kate Woodhouse
15th – The Grand Poobah, Hobart [18+] w/ Chasing Ghosts, Seth Henderson, Will Gammidge
29th – Bar 303, Northcote [18+] w/ Jamie Hay, Josh Mann, The Shadow League, Tim Hampshire
31st – Reverence Hotel, Footscray [18+] w/ Tim Hampshire, Mara Threat, Donnie Dureau
6th – The Bluebee Room, Adelaide [18+] w/ Ry Kemp, Mountain Stranger, Anna Jeavons
—> Tickets available at the door.
—> For more information, visit [Here].


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