San Francisco two piece Friends W/O Benefits are about to release their debut album ‘This Is Real‘ next month complete with a comic book in place of a physical CD. The mission of duo they say is to “open eyes to the current state of boredom and misinformation caused by technology”. It may be personal, it may be political, and it may not even necessarily be practical, but for now, Friends W/O Benefits realize experience is the only way to fight the good fight of boredom in the “real world”. Friends W/O Benefits take their sound from the loud punk-disco stylings of Fugazi, sass of The Blood Brothers and the LOUDquietLOUD dynamic made famous by the Pixies, to create something that stands out among today’s overly technologically influenced music. Take a listen to the track ‘Modern Youth of America[Here], ‘Goin To Town On The City[Here] and hit up their page [Here] to find out more.

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