After convincing men around the world that beards are really, really great, totalitarian rock band The Beards have written a song dedicated to the elusive bearded female. Following in the footsteps of the band’s previous beard-related pop-rock anthems, All The Bearded Ladies’ is a beard-related pop-rock anthem, laden with feel-good hooks, stadium guitars, dirty retro synth and soaring vocal harmonies. “Over the past few years, it’s become more and more socially acceptable for men to have beards,” explains singer Johann Beardraven. “There definitely used to be a sense of oppression that came with having a beard pre-2010. Luckily that’s changed and there are bearded men proudly walking down every street. But where are the bearded women? They’re definitely out there. They’re hiding behind closed doors or they’re frantically shaving every day so as not to be labelled a freak. We feel the time is right for bearded ladies everywhere to hold their bearded heads high and relinquish the razor forever. We don’t know if society is ready, but we are.” ‘All The Bearded Ladies’ is the lead single from the band’s fourth completely beard-related album: The Beard Album, due for release early May 2014. It was recorded at The Grove Studios in NSW and produced by Paul Pilsneniks, who has a beard. To coincide with the forthcoming release of The Beard Album, the band will undertake a 3 month – 41 date national Australian tour commencing Thursday May 8th. See tour details [Here], listen to the single [Here].

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