UNFD will release a Deluxe Edition of Northlane’sSingularity‘ album on May 16th. The package will be made available both digitally and physically, with the key piece to the package being an instrumental version of the entire record. The physical package will come in an enhanced softpak format with live photos and additional pieces of art from the original booklet. Both versions will also come with a booklet that features explanations of the themes of each track, written by by vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes. The band says, “We’ve constantly had fans ask us to hear the instrumental version of our songs. We use a lot of instrumentation and put a lot of work into the way our songs are built, so we are proud to be able to showcase that in a different way. But of equal importance to us is our lyrical content and our message, so we wanted to have that on display in the package as well.” The band will of course kick off their own touring festival, ‘Free Your Mind‘ which has already sold out its Sydney and Melbourne dates, with the rest on their way, see all the tour details [Here]. Pre-orders for the new release can be found [Here].

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