Launceston will launch a new live music venue next month. Club 54 will be a non genre specific venue showcasing both local and national acts touring through Tasmania. The grand opening weekend will be May 16th & 17th. On Friday 16th, The Bennies will be joined by Akoudo, Seth David & The Beautiful Chains, Violet Swells, A Day From Tonight and So Do I. An acoustic stage will also showcase Summer Edmunds, J Robert Youngtown, Sam Forsyth and Grim Fawkner. $10 will get you in. Saturday 17th will feature Shark Puncher, Actuality, Zeolite, Drayfus’ Epiphany and The Vedders. You’ll find the club inside The Batman Fawkner Inn at 39 Cameron St, Launceston. For booking enquiries, contact Vanguard Bookings [Here].


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