Manchester Orchestra will release their new album ‘Cope‘ locally on Friday 4th April via their recent partnership with Loma Vista Recordings and their own Favourite Gentlemen Recordings. Caroline will take care of the Australian side of things. The group found itself at a crossroads as they approached making their fourth studio album. In between labels and uncertain of the future for the first time since lead singer and songwriter Andy Hull started the band as a teenager almost a decade ago. He was barely finished with high school back then, and as they started writing, Hull and his band mates found themselves transitioning into the adult reality that shit happens. “Cope, to me, means getting by. It means letting go, and being OK with being OK. You can cope in a positive way when bad things happen, or a negative way, and that blend was a big lyrical theme for me on this album.” he says. Expand this post to listen to the lead single ‘Top Notch‘.

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