When Kyuss Lives! were forced to change their name by a federal court judge in August of last year, there was only one option for a replacement, Vista Chino. It is the main arterial road leading to and through the band’s home of Palm Springs, California, where Kyuss originated over 25 years ago. Drummer and producer Brant Bjork suggested it to long-time cohort, vocalist John Garcia, who immediately understood that the moniker represented the ultimate personification of their roots. Both staunch family men, Bjork and Garcia were pushed to the brink of bankruptcy fighting for their right to retain their name in a lawsuit brought against them by former bandmates. Sadly, as is too often the case, the side with the most money won. But Bjork and Garcia stuck solid through it all, writing and recording the 10 tracks that comprise new album ‘Peace‘ in Bjork’s newly constructed studio in Joshua Tree, CA. “It was a difficult time, and I think a lot of people expected us to fold,” says Garcia. “But we didn’t fold. We didn’t fold because we have an amazing amount of trust and respect for one another, and there’s a void that needed to be filled. There were quite a lot of hoops to jump through and hurdles to overcome, but we did it, and now we’re right where we’re supposed to be.” New album ‘Peace‘ will be released locally through 3Wise Records on August 30th. Pre-orders are available on iTunes [Here].

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