Zebrahead released their new album ‘Call Your Friends‘ over the weekend via 3Wise Records. The album is their tenth studio effort and we caught up with the band to tell us more about it via our On The Record questions. You can grab a copy online [Here] for $14.99 where it’ll come with a bonus wrist band and sticker while stocks last. Expand this post to check out their answers.

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Tell us about the release title.
Well we didn’t have a title for a while, and I wrote the lyrics to that song, and it sort of became something we thought would be a great title. So it became the title to the song and then the title to the record. We felt it was perfect! It’s also our rallying cry whenever someone is going to be throwing up. For example, “Call your friends, Marc is going to puke!”

Tell us about the artwork.
The artwork is boobs. Who doesn’t like boobs? If there was a theme, it would be party. To me, party = booze, babes, and bad ass music!! We were taking promo pictures, and that happened to be one of the pictures. We liked it so much, we decided to put it on the record! Plus, every time you see the record you get to see boobs. If only we saved the unrated pictures.

What format/s will it be released on and how will it be packaged?
It will be released on standard jewel case, a special vinyl for certain areas, and digitally online. It will also be sold telepathically through me. If you concentrate hard enough you can hear it when I sweat.

Who will it be released through, and when?
Let’s see, it will be released through 3Wise, on Friday the 16th August. Thankfully it wasn’t the 13th because that movie is scary. Not all of the movies, but just the first one. The record is nothing like that scary movie. The new record is awesome!

Tell us about the studio and why you chose to record there?
We went back with our friend, Cameron Webb, in his studio in Santa Ana, California. We recorded MFZB, Broadcast To The World, and Phoenix with him, and it was great to be back there and have some fun. It was great because it was close to tacos, a strip club, and a pizza hut! But most importantly, Cameron kept his refrigerator stocked full of beer!

Tell us about the producer / engineer and why you chose to record with them?
I think I answered that one in the above question… but he’s great. He pushes us to best our best and to not suck as much. Seriously though, he knows how to get the best takes and is great at mixing our sound. He knows us, and knows our sound. I look forward to recording more records with Cameron! I plan on drinking more of his glorious beer.

Did you go into the writing process with a clear direction in mind?
Nope. We really don’t have any direction… in life. We basically just try so hard not to screw up so bad that it sounds like a koala bear throwing up and shitting at the same time. No one wants that. Honestly, we just wanted to not be too serious and just have fun. Besides, it’s just rock and roll.

Were you listening to anything in particular during the writing / recording process that influenced the songs at all?
I was listening to a lot of voice mails telling me that I am overdue on some bills. That really gave me a kick in the ass to hurry up and finish the record. That and I was listening to a lot of voices in my head telling me to make bad decisions!

Were there any albums you were referencing to aim for a certain type of sound production wise?
Just stuff that Cameron had produced recently, Pennywise and Social Distortion, mainly. We would also listen to a lot of really bad music and say, please don’t let us sound like this.

How long did you spend in the studio recording?
We would start at either 9 or 10 o’clock in the morning, and go until 7 or later, if we needed it. Sometimes we would stay later just so we could sober up and drive back home… gotta be safe you know. It all depended on what we were doing and if we were having a good day at the studio or not.

Tell us a little about the recording process the band used?
We recorded Ed’s drums first, along with a scratch guitar and bass. Then we went directly to rhythm guitars. First me, then Dan would do some on top. Then we would put in whatever leads and solos/noodles that I did, and then Dan would come in and do his leads/noodles and crazy solos. After that, we started vocals, either Ali or me, and that was basically it. Harmonies would be last for me because some were high, and gang vocals were all screaming… so we wouldn’t lose our voices. All of that was while we were slaying dragons.

Was this any different to previous processes you have used?
Nope. It’s how we’ve recorded things since day one.

Any guests involved? if so, who.. and what did they do?
Nope. Unless you count Jack Daniels, Mr. Bud Light, and all the good people that made all of the burritos that we ate every day!

Any particular equipment outside your usual live gear used in the process?
Only a couple vocal effects, and a piano I used for the intro to ‘With Friends Like you…’ We kept it pretty light and easy and straight up rock and roll on this one.

Any memorable studio moments?
Our tour manager / bartender Marc, Dan, and I ate pizza to see who the first one would be to throw up. Marc lost. Dan and I won. However, the next day was not so pleasant, so maybe it was Marc who won?

Any additional tracks recorded that didn’t make the cut but may see the light of day sometime?
All of the tracks that we recorded WILL see the light of day. This record we decided to do quality over quantity… or we at least tried.

What track/s are you most looking forward to playing live?
I’m serious when I say that I’m looking forward to playing all the songs live! They are all full of energy and have the ability to remove clothes, get someone drunk, and party party party! They will also give you superpowers if you hear them live.

How would you compare the final product to previous releases?
This is our best album we have released, for real. I know a lot of bands say that, but I really mean it!

Anything else you want to say or about the release?
I cannot wait to come to Australia and melt all of your faces and drink all of your beer!! Go out and call your friends to buy the new record! We love Australia!


ZEBRAHEAD – ‘Call Your Friends
In stores and online now via 3Wise Records.
Grab it on CD [Here] or on iTunes [Here].

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