Plenty of new releases hitting shelves today, the pretty hyped up Atoms For Peace record is finally out there, the latest installment of the triple j Hottest 100 compilation is release as are new albums from Pure Love, Ex Cops, Wednesday 13, Hrvrd, Swingin’ Utters and FAIM. The Chariot and Fun. both have re-issues of their most recent albums available today, and This Is Hell release their new EP. Expand this post for the list of what else is out there, with links to purchase online.

22nd - ATOMS FOR PEACE - Amok [CD] [Order]
22nd - ATOMS FOR PEACE - Amok [CD] + [Vinyl] [Order]
22nd - VARIOUS ARTISTS - triple j’s Hottest 100 Volume 20 [2CD] [Order]
22nd - PURE LOVE - Anthems [CD] [Order]
22nd - EX COPS - True Hallucinations [CD] [Order]
22nd - NEWSTEAD - Metal [CD] [Order]
22nd - BUCKCHERRY - Confessions [CD] [Order]
22nd - WEDNESDAY 13 - The Dixie Dead [CD] [Order]
22nd - FUN. - Some Nights (Tour Edition) [CD] [Order]
22nd - SIGUR ROS - Valtari Film Experiment [DVD] [Order]
22nd - THIS IS HELL - The Enforcer [Digital] [Order]

22nd - HRVRD - From The Bird’s Cage [Digital] [Order]
22nd - SWINGIN’ UTTERS - Poorly Formed [Digital] [Order]
22nd - THE CHARIOT - One Wing (Australian Tour Edition) [CD]
22nd - FAIM - Pretty Well Over The Bay [CD]

See more upcoming releases on our Release Calendar [Here].

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