Another new track from the forthcoming Bad Religion album ‘True North‘ is up for streaming. This time it is the album’s title track. Expand this post to give it a listen. If you missed the previous track ‘Fuck You‘, it is also below. Pre-orders are now available for the album which is released locally on January 25th via Epitaph Records and will be available on CD and Vinyl. Pre-order [Here] and you’ll be thrown in the lucky dip where a bunch of orders will come with a free t-shirt.

Bad Religion - True North

True North
Past Is Dead
Robin Hood In Reverse
Land Of Endless Greed
Fuck You
Dharma And The Bomb
Hello Cruel World
In Their Hearts Is Right
Crisis Time
Dept. Of False Hope
Nothing To Dismay
Popular Consensus
My Head Is Full Of Ghosts
The Island
Changing Tide

Pre-Order on CD and Vinyl [Here] or digitally via iTunes [Here].

Also streaming, ‘Fuck You‘:

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