West Australian punk rock mob The Decline will kick off their ‘Are You Gonna Eat That?‘ tour tonight in Adelaide at Enigma Bar before heading to Queensland for the weekend. The tour is in support of their latest, and second album ‘Are You Gonna Eat That?‘ which was released last September via Pee Records. Over the next couple of weeks they’ll make their way along the East Coast and wrap it up at home in Perth on the 15th. See below for the dates and details. Have a listen to, and grab a copy of the album [Here].


The Decline
Are You Gonna Eat That’ 2012 National Tour

2nd – Enigma Bar, Adelaide [18+] w/Son of Dad, Stuff Box & Just For Now.
3rd – Billy’s Beach House, Gold Coast [18+] w/ Friends With The Enemy, The City Shakeup, Burning Brooklyn & No Trust.
4th – Basement 243, Brisbane [18+] w/ Dementia 13, Ringpull, Vomit Bullets & No Trust.
7th – Popsgood Indoor Skate Park, Coffs Harbour [AA] w/ Matty Effin Morrison.
8th – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle [18+] w/ Local Resident Failure & Prevailing Disorder.
9th – Hot Damn, Sydney [18+] w/ Chris Duke and The Royals.
10th – The Tote, Melbourne [18+] w/ The Bennies, Hightime, Take Your Own, Being Amazing & Declaration.
11th – Fist2Face, Ringwood [AA - Arvo] w/ Wil Wagner & Benny Alright.
11th – The National Hotel, Geelong [18+] w/ The Smith Street Band, The Bennies, Being Amazing, Take Your Own, Japan For, Gold, Hopes Abandoned & Nathan Seeckts.
15th – Rosemount Hotel, North Perth [18+] w/ Grim Fandango, FAIM & Real Monsters.

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