Seminal LA indie rock outfit The Jealous Sound are about to release their return album (their first in nine years) in the US this Tuesday. The album, titled ‘A Gentle Reminder‘ was made in the Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 with John Lousteau producing, ‘A Gentle Reminder‘ features founding members Blair Shehan and guitarist Pedro Benito working alongside the Foos’ Nate Mendel (filling in on bass for the departed John McGinnis) and new drummer Bob Penn. Blair says that his time away from The Jealous Sound wasn’t a matter of losing his way. It was a matter of finding it. “I got zeroed out, and I had to figure out how to do things in a healthy way,” the singer-guitarist says. How the quartet coalesced to recapture the magic is a tale that covers three states and includes a lot of emotional baggage, but the first turning point came in late 2004 after rigorous touring behind ‘Kill Them With Kindness‘. A major label was poised to come on board and help with a follow-up. “But we were simply out of gas,” he says. “I was spent. I remember John telling me, ‘You know, you don’t have to feel bad if you don’t want to do this.” A half-hearted attempt at carrying on yielded only 2005’s ‘Got Friends‘ EP, and it was painfully evident The Jealous Sound had stalled completely. So Shehan set aside the band life, moved to Las Vegas and got a day job. “There’s a sense that I flipped out and left; people thought I went crazy. But what’s crazy? Staying in a band at my age with no stability? Ignoring the normal parts of becoming an adult? People don’t necessarily understand what we do, and the commitment it takes to do what we do.” You can stream the album now in full [Here] until Tuesday (US Time) and for more information on the band / release, hit up their page [Here].

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