You already know the bands set to play inside the Annandale Hotel on Saturday February 4th for Blood, Sweat & Beers, now comes the announcement of acts to serve up acoustic tunes in the alleyway. Josh Mann of Paper Arms will play a set, Between These Wars will unplug for some tunes and Tom Fisher previously of The Optionals will also strum some tunes outdoors. For those who need reminding of the lineup, here it is, playing times will be announced shortly. Wagons, I Exist, Luca Brasi, Isaac Graham, Paper Arms, Harmony, Glitter Canyon, Army Of Champions, Stolen Youth, Frank Rizzo, La Mancha Negra, Milhouse and Old Music For Old People. As a treat for those either underage, or not nursing a hangover the next day, there will be an All-Ages show held at Blackwire Records in Annandale as part of I Exist’sKeepin’ It Denim’ tour from 3pm featuring I Exist, Stolen Youth and Luca Brasi. Tickets for Blood, Sweat & Beers are available from the Annandale Hotel and online [Here]. For more information, visit the event page [Here].

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