It’s business time. Let the Top 10 begin. Coming in at #10 in our Top 20 Releases Of 2011 are Sydney youngsters Tonight Alive and their ‘What Are You So Scared Of?‘ album, a pop-punk gem (which have been too few and far between lately), and a big leap forward for the band who’ve had a massive year, and 2012 already looks to be even bigger for them. Hard work paying off. Taking the #9 spot is the now sadly broken up English band Former Cell Mates, their ‘Presented As A Work Of Fiction‘ album came out around the time they toured Australia on the Poison City Winter Tour. It’s a cracker of a record, for fans of Lucero and the like. See below for more information on both releases and to catch up on the countdown if you’ve been behind. Come back at 2:00pm tomorrow when we’ll reveal #8 & #7.

#9 - Former Cell Mates – Presented As A Work Of Fiction -  Poison City

These English lads graced our shores as part of the Poison City Winter tour in support of this fantastic album that definitely deserved to be heard by more folks than it probably was. Horns in rock haven’t sounded this good since Rocket From The Crypt, or more in this style, Lucero’s ’1372 Overton Park’ . Similar to Lucero in sound, a little cleaner in the vocal department though. This album is definitely a grower, but once you are into it, it’s the kind of album you can’t just play one song from, you need it in full, start to finish, and you’ll probably play it again right away too. There’s a nice variety of sounds on here keeping it interesting, best listened to with a bottle of Jameson in comfy surrounds, but upbeat enough to be background music at a gathering too. Seriously, if you missed the boat on this album, look it up, and thank me later.

Sadly the band played their last show in September, so don’t expect new material or another tour, unfortunately.

[Buy it on CD or Vinyl online here]


#10 - Tonight Alive – What Are You So Scared Of? – Sony Music

What a year these kids had, barely having time to stop and breathe, there was plenty of anticipation around the release of this one, a long build up, but it was well worth the wait. This one was one of my surprise packets of the year, their earlier releases didn’t really click with me, so when this one landed it was great to see them having taken a big leap forward sound wise. They sure know how to write a tune. As far as Aussie bands playing this style go, they are leaps and bounds above the pack. It has hooks in all the right places, production is spot on, and not over the top (you get that with one of the best in the biz) and they’ve served up a perfect balance of all things pop punk, it’s not loaded with cheesy moments that too many pop punk bands go for, and still packs a punch musically too. They’re gonna get some mileage out of this album, and not just on our soil either. Nailed it. 2012 will be huge for them.

The band is currently in the US on the Fearless Friends tour, they’ll be back for shows in Australia early 2012, including a spot on Soundwave 2012.

[Buy it online here]


1. Come back at 2:00pm - December 16th
2. Come back at 2:00pm - December 16th
3. Come back at 2:00pm - December 15th
4. Come back at 2:00pm - December 15th
5. Come back at 2:00pm - December 14th
6. Come back at 2:00pm - December 14th
7. Come back at 2:00pm - December 13th
8. Come back at 2:00pm - December 13th
9. Former Cell MatesPresented As A Work Of Fiction [More Info / Buy Online]
10. Tonight AliveWhat Are You So Scared Of? [More Info / Buy Online]
11. Luca BrasiExtended Family [More Info / Buy Online]
12. JonesezGruffalo [More Info / Buy Online]
13. YellowcardWhen You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes [More Info / Buy Online]
14. Driven FearContender [More Info / Buy Online]
15. Frank TurnerEngland Keep My Bones [More Info / Buy Online]
16. The OptionalsBash It Out For Their Lonely Heads [More Info / Buy Online]
17. Stolen YouthDark Century [More Info / Buy Online]
18. Balance And ComposureSeparation [More Info / Buy Online]
19. Mindset – Midnight Sky [More Info / Buy It Online]
20. I Exist – II: The Broken Passage [More Info / Buy It Online]
21. The DeclineAre You Gonna Eat That? [More Info / Buy It Online]
22. Nick 13Nick 13 [More Info / Buy It Online]
23. William Elliott WhitmoreField Songs [More Info / Buy It Online]
24. The Wonder YearsSuburbia, I’ve Given You All, And Now I’m Nothing [More Info / Buy It Online]
25. I Am The AvalancheAvalanche United [More Info / Buy It Online]
26. TopnovilSame Old Story [More Info / Buy It Online]
27. The BenniesParty! Party! Party! [More Info / Buy It Online]
28. Homeward BoundChorus Of Castouts [More Info / Buy It Online]
29. SamiamTrips [More Info / Buy It Online]
30. Polar Bear ClubClash Battle Guilt Pride [More Info / Buy It Online]
31. We Are AugustinesRise Ye Sunken Ships [More Info / Buy It Online]
32. Mariachi El BronxII [More Info / Buy It Online]
33. The Living EndThe Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating [More Info / Buy It Online]
34. AficionadoAficionado [More Info / Buy It Online]
35. Taking Back SundayTaking Back Sunday [More Info / Buy It Online]
36. DananananaykroydThere Is A Way [More Info / Buy It Online]
37. Living With LionsHoly Shit! [More Info / Buy It Online]
38. Lanie LaneTo The Horses [More Info / Buy It Online]
39. Dropkick MurphysGoing Out In Style [More Info / Buy It Online]
40. Cobra SkullsAgitations [More Info / Buy It Online]

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