The new untitled, but dubbed the “Hardcore 10″‘ release from NOFX is released this Friday. The 9 track EP clocks in at just over 10 minutes and is released on 10″ vinyl exclusively. The band covers 9 classic hardcore bands such as Agnostic Front, D.O.A., Social Unrest, Urban Waste and more with everyone, bar Smelly taking a turn with lead vocal duties. You can order your copy now [Here] with free postage. Click below to see the cover art and track listing.

1 – Friend or Foe (Agnostic Front)
2 – IQ32 (Necros)
3 – Police Brutality (Urban Waste)
4 – Mental Breakdown (Social Unrest)
5 – No More Lies (Battalion of Saints)
6 – Race Riot (D.O.A.)
7 – Say We Suck (Sin 34)
8 – Child Hosts The Parasite (Rebel Truth)
9 – Professional Punk (Stretch Marks)

[Purchase 10" vinyl now online for $14.99 w/ Free Postage]

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