With only a few weeks to go until New York’s Bridge & Tunnel hit our shores for the very first time, they have also announced that their brand new album ‘Rebuilding Year‘ is set for release on September 20th via No Idea Records. Produced by J.Robbins (Against Me!, Small Brown Bike, Jawbreaker) ‘Rebuilding Year‘ is Bridge & Tunnel’s first full-length release since the much loved 2008 album ‘East/ West‘. Today, we’ve been given the honour of streaming the very first taste of ‘Rebuilding Year‘. Listen to the track ‘Synchronized Swimming‘ below, or in the Feature Streams player over on the left column. ‘Rebuilding Year‘ LP/ CD will be available in Australia/ NZ courtesy of Poison City Distribution from September 20th. Catch Bridge & Tunnel while they’re in the country next month. See below for all the dates and details.

Bridge & Tunnel - Synchronized Swimming

Most of us fell in love with punk rock for the same reasons; being young and angry at the world. Eventually the angst of youth mellows over the years and the energetic love affair turns into a mid-twenties slag based on repetition and convenience. That which once set up apart form the rest of society becomes a glossed-over facet of our personalities and we forget the reasons behind our actions.

It can take a massive shift in one’s life to break free from the monotonous repetition of of work, drink, sleep, repeat but the key to undoing our apathy can often lie in the simplicity of song, and while Bridge and Tunnel’s music strays far from the four-chord rock we call home, the underlying themes tackled in their songs cut straight to the heart. Blatant lyricism covers many of the fucked-up situations that go unnoticed in the maelstrom of grown-up reality. Issues such as urban gentrification, drug abuse, political apathy, and the struggles of the working class are all tackled with a mix of youthful honesty and outright rage. Their impressive mastery of their instruments cannot go unmentioned, as they carefully craft intricate, overlapping melodies that provide a striking balance with the feverish fury of their unified voices.

Thankfully, the hopeful messages that underlie even the most cynical of their songs provide inspiration to keep plugging away at our own endeavors, no matter how trivial.

BRIDGE & TUNNEL (USA) – Australian Tour September 2011

FRI 9th @ SUN DISTORTION, Brisbane (AA)
w/ Fires Of Waco + Waiting Room + Tangle

SAT 10th @ THE ORIENT, Brisbane (18+)
w/ The Gifthorse (only QLD reunion!) + Ringpull

SUN 11th @ THE SANDO HOTEL, Sydney (18+)
w/ Lungs + Between The Devil & The Deep

WED 14th @ THE CIVIC, Perth (18+)
w/ Grim Fandango + Chilling Winston

THU 15th @ CROWN & ANCHOR, Adelaide (18+)
w/ Weightless

SAT 17th @ POISON CITY WEEKENDER FEST, Melbourne (18+) ** Selling Fast!! **
* Tickets on sale now from Poison City Records.
w/ Screamfeeder, The Nation Blue, The Gifthorse, The Optionals

www.poisoncityrecords.com || www.twitter.com/poisoncity || www.twitter.com/WeekenderFest

NEW BRIDGE & TUNNEL ALBUM ‘Rebuilding Year’ – Instores September 20th on No Idea Records via Poison City Distribution

www.facebook.com/bridgeandtunnelband || www.noidearecords.com

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