This week copping plenty of spins around the office are new releases from Biffy Clyro, The Living End, Topnovil and Jim Ward. Click below to expand this post and find out more information / opinions about each release.

BIFFY CLYRO – Revolutions / Live At Wembley [Out Now via Warner] [Get It]
A delayed release here in Australia compared to rest of the world only added to the anticipation, for those who didn’t pre-order internationally for the special edition. The extra month wait was well worth it though. These guys are one of the world’s fastest rising rock bands, and for good reason too, they are awesome. As they near the end of the tour cycle for the massive ‘Only Revolutions’ album that almost every song wound up a single, it was logical for this to be the next release. A massive crowd & production, just where their live show shines best. This one comes as a CD / DVD package that looks as great as it sounds. Any fan will lap it up, and a perfect introduction for a new audience too. One of the better live albums, from one of the better live bands going around. ‘Mon the Biff!

THE LIVING END – The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating [Out Now via Dew Process] [Get It]
Album number six for these guys, they’ve come a long way from the punked up early days as they tread new ground with each record. First few listens of this one and i was neither here nor there, but after a week of giving it the occasional spin, that moment where you are somewhere random and a chorus pops into your head, and won’t escape hit. It’s about that time you go back for another listen and and it all comes together. This one is a complete album, nothing really stood out to me as that ‘big single’ you begin to hate after it’s flogged everywhere. It’s a good thing, because it’s all around the same level of quality throughout, leaving you with something worth listening too in full. Too early I think to make a final call on it, as it is still growing on me. It may become the jewel in the crown, only time will tell. For now, she’s a very solid listen.

TOPNOVIL – Same Old Story [Out Now Independently] [Get It]
With some EP’s under their belt, this long running outfit keeps on keeping on with this 18 track full length. Those who’ve followed the band would recognise some tracks re-done from previous releases alongside the new offerings. It’s a simple affair, no extra trimmings or overthinking, just a straight up anthemic punk rock sound for you to chug a beer with your mates too and set your lungs loose as the chorus comes around. Made by dudes who live and breathe what they shout it doesn’t get much more easy than that. A sound that isn’t heard often enough these days, and a nice reminder that there’s a reason why down at the roots of this sound, is where a hell of a lot grew from, and there should be more flying the flag instead of tweaking synths and knobs to fuck with your vocals. Grab a beer, crank it loud, you will be singing in no time.

JIM WARD – Quiet In The Valley, On The Shores, The End Begins [Out Now via Stop Start] [Get It]
Most of the ‘former band / now solo’ stuff we’re seeing these days is the part folk, part country, part drank too much whiskey and grew a beard kinda solo stuff, which is all well and good, there’s some top stuff around, but it is nice to hear something a little cleaner, a little smoother with a chilled out vibe. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting with this one, but it wasn’t what was coming out of the speakers. Instantly this one seems to set a mood, draw you in, and have you eager to hear just what’s coming next. It’s continuing to grow with more listens and is quickly rocketing up my pile of favourites so far this year. A lazy Sunday afternoon type album, that the closer you listen, the more you get out of it. Solid.

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