Melbourne’s Dream On Dreamer will release their debut album on Friday August 5th via We Are Unified / Warner. The band is about to head out on the road with Avenged Sevenfold as well as their own headline album launch tour. The band took the time to answer our On The Record questions to give a little bit of an insight into the album. You can pre-order a copy of it [Here]. Click below to expand this post and take a read.

Tell us about the title.
When we were thinking of album names, we all had a lot of ideas but nothing really grabbed us until ‘Heartbound’ was suggested. I think it instantly appealed to us because it kind of represents being bound to what your heart desires, and following your dreams. And making this album was a dream come true for us.

Tell us about the artwork.
We’re lucky enough to be able to have Ken Taylor design our artwork for ‘Heartbound’. Basically we just gave him the album name and let him do what he wanted. Everyone is a huge fan of his work and we couldnt be happier with what he delivered.

Tell us about the studio and why you chose to record there.
We recorded ‘Heartbound’ at Chango Studios in Orlando, Florida. We decided to go with Cameron Mizell because we had heard great things about him and we wanted to try something completely new for us. He ended up bringing some cool ideas to the table, and it was a great experience for us.

Tell us about the producer / engineer and why you chose to record with them.
Cameron Mizell, see above :)

How long did it take to record?
We spent 6 weeks recording the album.

Tell us a little about the recording process the band used.
Before we left, we had been using our guitarist Callan’s ‘Avalanche Studios’ for about 9 months beforehand to demo out the entire album, so we were quite well prepared. It gave us a lot more time to experiment with different things like vocals and arrangements, which we took advantage of.

Any guests involved? if so, who.. and what did they do?
Matthew Wright was nice enough to lend his guest vocals on one of our songs called ‘To The Lost’, which was awesome because his band, The Getaway Plan is busy recording their own album at the moment… cant wait.

Anything particular stuff outside your usual live gear used in the process?

Any memorable studio moments?
I think the same day we did the video for ‘Downfall’, we went back to the studio at about 6pm to work on the album, and we ended up having a bit of a party instead and doing almost nothing constructive. But it was fun!

Any additional tracks recorded that didn’t make the cut but may see the light of day sometime?

Now that it’s ready for release, what can fans expect of the album?
If you were a fan of our ‘Hope’ EP, then you can expect a lot more experimentation with that sound, while still retaining a lot of our core elements. We’re proud of this album, and we hope you like it!

How would you compare the album to previous releases?
I think fans can still expect a similar sound to our EP, but the album is definitely heavier and more personal to us. You can see it in the lyrics.

Any stand out track/s to you personally?
‘Lifestream’ is one of my favourite tracks.

Anything else of note you want to say about the album?


Dream On Dreamer – Heartbound [Instores Friday August 5th via We Are Unified / Warner] Click [Here] to order your copy now.

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