We started these ‘Last Drinks‘ interviews with a band playing the final show at The Arthouse this Saturday night, so let’s end with another one on that same bill. Since that first interview, a matinee show has been added and also sold out. Perth band, The Critics will play both shows on Saturday night alongside H-Block 101. The Tearaways play the matinee show, while Fear Like Us and Hawaiian Islands join the bill for the final show. Of course it is sold out, however if you want to get in on the action, there will be a live broadcast, catch all the action from 8.00pm, when you can tune in to PBS on 106.7 FM, on digital radio or via www.pbsfm.org.au. We grabbed Andy from The Critics to take our ‘Last Drinks‘ questions. Click below to expand this post and take a read. A huge thanks to all the bands who took the time to answer these questions this month, hopefully you have enjoyed reading them, and while the shows remaining may all be sold out, if you are yet to poke your head into the Arty for a last drink, do it if you can. It’s the end of an era, and reading these interviews, one thing is repeated over and over again, everyone said it, and we will all miss not only the venue, but the way it was run, the respect the staff had for bands and punters, the opportunities they gave both bands and punters. So a huge cheers to everyone involved in the venue over the years, all the best in whatever comes next, and i’m sure these final shows will send the venue out in style.

The Critics - Scratchin' My Head


I am: Andy Snell
I play guitar and sing in The Critics

We’re playing for the last time at The Arthouse on Saturday 30th April with H-Block 101 & The Tearaways (arvo) & H-Block 101, The Hawaiian Islands & Fear Like Us (Night)


Cast your mind back, and tell us about the first time you played the Arthouse?
I think from memory I would have been shitting myself, because from the time I started a band I wanted to play The Arty. The problem with playing at The Arty is the drinking after, so I can’t actually remember that show but I think Dave Collins put us on a random bill to stop us hassling him.

If you could grab one piece of Arthouse memorabilia at the final show, what would you grab and why?
Hmmmm, that’s a hard one. I would have said the Arabian Nights pinball but that’s gone now. I think that The Arthouse always been about the people that work and live there. Without them it wouldn’t be same.

Favourite memory of the venue from the stage?
We played an all ages show there one day, and we’d had a pretty big couple of nights leading up to it. We only just made it out of bed to get on stage and we couldn’t find Chay (our guitarist). I was starting to panic a bit and when we were just about to start, after setting up his gear and all that. We spotted him from the stage, quite calmly in the back corner playing pinball. oblivious to what was going on.

Favourite memory of the venue as a punter?
Probably watching great bands on a regular basis like Away from Now and H-Block 101.

What was it about The Arthouse that has made it stand out from other venues over all these years?
Like I said, I think it is the people. Without them it could possibly just be another pub. They have made it feel like a second home to us and we will never forget the awesome nights and arvo’s that we have spent there.

Got anything special up your sleeves for your final time on the Arty stage?
Not sure yet??? We haven’t played for a while now so for now I think we’ll just try not to fuck up to much.

Any last words you want to say about the venue?
Thanks to Matt and Mel, Simpson, Dave and all the staff from over the years for allowing us to be a part of something that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We do hope to stay in touch after the final pot has been poured. We love you guys.

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