Punk rock meets Bluegrass? That’s roundabout what you get with Old Man Markley, one of the more recent signings to the Fat Wreck label. Produced by Joby Ford of The Bronx, this new album ‘Guts ‘N Teeth‘ is an entertaining recipe for fun. Need a break from the same old sounds, but don’t want to sway too far out of your taste range? Give this mob a go. May not be for everyone, but you may be surprised. Have a listen to the track below, then click to expand this post for a video and a bunch more info about the album which is instores now and well worth picking up.

Old Man Markley - Guts 'N Teeth

ARTIST – Old Man Markley
TITLE - Guts ‘N Teeth
LABEL – Fat Wreck Chords / Shock
RELEASE DATE – 28th January, 2011

1. For Better For Worse
2. At the Bottom
3. Running Weight
4. Guts n’ Teeth
5. Do Me Like You Do
6. Killing Time
7. Song Songs
8. In a Circle Going Round
9. Letterman
10. Lowdown Blues
11. Living and Learning
12. Struggling

Think of it like this: What would happen if Mike Ness woke up drunk in bed with the guys from Old Crow Medicine Show and decided to just make a record rather than do the walk of shame? Or, for a more tangible description, look at what bands like Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys have done with Irish Folk music and you’ll get an idea of what Old Man Markley are doing with America’s proudest Folk tradition, Bluegrass.”

So, you know those moments where you’ve flogged everything to death and you want something different to listen to, but still want that whole punk vibe present? Enter Old Man Markley. This mob will certainly not be for everyone’s taste, but they are sure worth giving a chance to. The songs on this album, with a little fiddling around (or should that be less fiddlin’?) would no doubt make great punk rock tunes themselves, but they make even better folk / rock / bluegrass / country singalong type tracks. So don’t be put off my the words like country and bluegrass and think “fuck that old man shit”, because the punk vibe is certainly present. Joby from The Bronx recorded this one, and it sounds a treat. The anthemic ‘For Better, For Worse’ rings in the album and you’ve got issues if you aren’t singing along by about the 15 second mark. It’s one of those kind of songs. Over the course of the album there is a variety of sounds on offer that’ll get you nodding, tapping, bopping and jigging. Most of all it’s a pretty fun vibe all the way through, genuine tunes and a style that you probably don’t give much attention to all that often. Let loose, have some fun and give something a little different a chance. You may just find yourself something new to enjoy. Plenty of highlights, the previously mentioned ‘For Better, For Worse’, the lyrically solid ‘Song Songs’ and the closer ‘Struggling’ are a few that stood out to me. They’d no doubt be one of the most fun bands to watch live i’m sure, plenty of energy, loads of singalongs. Raise your glass, press play, and prepare to at the very least tap your foot along.

The album is available on CD [$21.99] and Vinyl [$18.99], you can order via JB Hi-Fi Online [Here]. Free postage too! 
Prefer it digitally? It’s available on iTunes [Here] for $16.99.

Hit up these links:
www.oldmanmarkley.com || www.facebook.com/oldmanmarkley || www.fatwreck.com || www.shock.com.au ||

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